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Snubbed out!

“കു***”! Jithin swore, precisely for the 23’rd time that day. Two years back, he would have flinched and even involuntarily pressed his palms onto his ears on hearing the same expletive in Malayalam that took a momentous dig (if you will pardon the sleazy pun) at the male genital organ. But two years is all… Continue reading

Ravings of an insomniac!

I tried every rule in the book. Counted from 1 to 10324 until I ostensibly forgot counting. Solved three sudokus. Read the *most* boring essay in ‘The Argumentative Indian‘. Flipped through 125 television channels in thirty minutes; even tried studying the hardest chapter in my Computer Organization text! Sleep still mysteriously evaded me!Image Courtesy: http://www.melinea.blogdrive.com/… Continue reading

B.Tech in CSE = Computer Engineer?

Came across this interesting link, courtesy techie and senior-at-Loyola, Vishnu Gopal‘s blog. It speaks of how Wikipedia can teach you perhaps as much stuff as a formal Computer Science degree can! If you weren’t feisty enough to click the link and find out why, the author has cited another link where another person counters his… Continue reading

An eclectic tag…

Thanks a bunch for the tag, pR@tz! The nerve-wrecking stress of impending exams had almost taken me down! This should be a welcome relief… 😀 1. LAST MOVIE YOU SAW IN A THEATER: Dasavatharam. Ultra-tera-giga-exa-peta crap!! 😐 That reminds me, I have a 45 rupee debt to pay off!! 🙁 2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU… Continue reading

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