Hari Shanker R

Hari Shanker R

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

Almost Famous!

Tough week it was! What commenced with a quagmire of a Data Structures assignment (where we had to submit research papers, quite literally!) culminated in a momentous climax – a succulently-harrowing series examination. To top it all, I had a harrowing backache, not to mention stodgy denigrations by eternally-disappointed parents! Thankfully, the exams on Friday… Continue reading

The Quarter life crisis

There comes a point in everyone’s life when he/she is faced with a multitude of daunting, unsurmountable issues that could very much change his/her way of life. This usually happens somewhere around one’s mid-age and pop-writers flippantly call this ‘The mid-life crisis’. Carefully considering the going-ons in my life hitherto and after hours of introspection,… Continue reading

Break free!

Ever since I started computing at around the age of 11-12, I’ve been using MS Windows. At that time, the computer topped a pre-teen’s wish list. I reigned over the PC, triggering missile launches, racing obnoxiously-fast cars, maneuvering fighter planes; even plundering aliens. I felt like Neo himself with my own cyber identity; logging in… Continue reading

Into Malayalam Blogging…

It’s official, Malayalam’s a dying language! The National Language Commission’s report on Indian Languages last year put Malayalam in the perilous category of ‘Endangered’. With all the NRI Moolah, and burgeoning love for the Queen’s language we Mallus share, it’s not surprising. In fact, ‘Fraud Mallus’ abound when compared to hardcore ones! And that’s the… Continue reading

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