Hari Shanker R

I’m Hari Shanker.

I’m an Open Source Program Manager at Automattic, and I work on making the contributor experience for WordPress.org, the best it can be.

I love WordPress and the open-web, and I strongly believe that both have the potential to make the world a better place!

I have had a rather diverse career with significant experience in the domains of Retail Banking, Print & Web Journalism, Web Development, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Professional Blogging, and Education.

Outside of work, I enjoy writing (blogging) as a hobby, reading, and spending time with my wife and our three cats.

If you want to find out about me, I’ve written briefly about the story of my life in my other blog. My HeroPress essay also goes into some detail on my life story.

* Literally translates to “Hello” in Malayalam – my native language.

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