2008 – A Review

2008 was one of the most eventful years in my life. Although the turn of events in my life proved far from good, the year, indeed, was one worth remembering. I faced a plethora of jaw-dropping challenges all through: mind-boggling problems attacked me one by one. I tackled some of them spectacularly, scraped through many with the grace of God, but most of them pinned me to the ground devastating every inch of my persona at times.

Yet, in retrospect, I feel an odd-sense of satisfaction. I sense a subtle ray of hope, accentuated by what I’d like to call obnoxious optimism. The proverbial silver lining always loomed large all through last year, offering me respite. The experiences transformed me, perhaps, for the better. In the process of my metamorphosis, I met lots of people, made loads of friends; some of whom have now become the best of buddies.
I shall do some classification here, about the turn of events last year:

First up, the events that made me happy:

  • I became a regular blogger! This blog (and of course, ALL your comments) was oxygen to my soul, easing my pain. Good books and better blogs ensconced themselves into my psyche, this year. I found a new meaning in life… 😀
  • I lost my stage fright! Yeah, right! Thanks to my participation in events organized by UNI-Y, IEEE, CSI and other forums at college, I found numerous opportunities to speak in public and found the process effortless. Compeering before a 2000-strong crowd in Aagneya ’08, Prizes at paper presentation competitions and televised debates were again shots in the arm. 🙂
  • I did my television debut! Regular readers of this blog will know better. 😛
  • I joined UNI-Y (short form of University YMCA – a speakers forum and lot more for the youth), after quite a lot of deliberation. Though I could attend only three sessions (of which two of them were my intros – where I was quite literally ripped into smithereens) and could not attend the famed Model Parliament, it was an experience in itself. And, I intend to continue!
  • I made loads of friends in 2008! On a rough count, at least sixty of ’em! 😛 Some of them are the best of my buddies now. Some of them did break my heart, but yeah, no one’s perfect. Guys and gals, love ye all!
  • I was afflicted by the spirituality bug. Religion and God are my pet topics now.
  • I was christened a FOSS-GNU/Linux fanatic. Now I’m a self-proclaimed evangelizer with at least 20 ‘conversions’ to my credit. Pratheesh Ettan, (undoubtedly, the greatest of guys I got to know last year!!), continues to be my guru.

Things that have depressed/continue to depress me:

  • My academics have sunk to an all-time low! Must pick up! 😐
  • I’ve totally lost focus about my long-term goals. And I’m slacking like never before!! Must turn over a new leaf asap.
  • Relations with parents are strained to breaking-point. Perhaps, it’s due to this much-talked-about teen-angst, but hey, I ceased to be a teen two months back!
  • Had a failed relationship. Something I’m still trying to erase from my mind.
  • Got messed up, inadvertently, in a legal rigmarole. Though the issue was too nuanced and minor in its own right and got solved in a couple of week’s time, I lost two of my best buddies to it! And got kicked out of the start-up in which I too was a part. Talk about shattered dreams. (True, I made up later, but lost the old camaraderie!) 🙁
  • Gadgets seemed to be jinxed for me this year too! Messed up my Camera (which was my LIFE) and my mobile!! 😐

Like last time, I’m greeting the New Year with exams for which I’m not fully prepared. I’ve lots of dreams for the coming year, which will prove the most challenging one in my life. I’ll be facing the CAT exams, which is my sole escape route. It’s high time I started preparing, but I’m still at square one.

I’m not making any worthless New-Year resolutions this time, but I’ve a firm resolve focus all my efforts on CAT and get through the hallowed portals of IIMs (however overvalued they are!) Yes, I know it’s super-tough to compete with three hundred thousand of the best brains in the country. I’m going to need immense will power and quite a lot of divine intervention.

I really hope to make it.

On that note, let me sign off. Here’s wishing a Happy and Prosperous new year to all my dear readers! May the New Year prove fruitful and worthwhile! May all your dreams come true this year! My prayers are always with you…


By hari

A twenty-something support engineer, web developer, blogger and journalist who makes the web a better place for a living, at Automattic. Immensely passionate about WordPress! Also loves books, music, movies, and drinking hot cups of coffee on rainy evenings. Dreams of writing a book, someday.


  1. Dear bro

    Was surprised to get your comment-ping as soon as I reached your blog! Rappy New Year! May all the cats and mats work right for you (though I have never figured out why these things are so attractive)!
    Throw away the bad memories and face ’09 with a smile.


  2. happy new year bro.. nice post.. would hop down and spend more time..keep writing..
    i have blog rolled you

    god bless

  3. “I faced a plethora of jaw-dropping challenges …pinned me to the ground devastating every inch of my persona at times.”
    I absolutely understand u there and my 2008 was exactly the same,be consoled ..u werent the only one in repeat tight spots!!But then , happy yappy new year ..2009 will sure be a blast 😉

  4. hmm…nice recount of past events:)…but i have a feeling that you ahve left out somethings….
    nyways happy 2009 to u too:D

  5. @ Cris:
    Dear Chechi,

    Again, Divine Intervention! 😛 Rappy new year to you too… There’s a solid reason behind the attractiveness of CATs and MATs. I should blog about them once I get my IIM-A call! B-)

    Trying to smile at ’09

    Hari. 😀

    @ Prasoon:
    Gawd!! I’m honoured by your comment, sire! 😀 And thanks a BUNCH for blogrolling me! 🙂 I’ve returned the favour too. 😀

    @ Manoranjini:
    Thanks a lot for the empathy, sis. Hope things’ll turn around soon! 🙂

    @ Urgu:
    Heya buddy! So, finally back to blogging eh? Good. 15 secs of fame was nothing, man! 😛 But yeah, I got famous. 😀 Hehe! And Happy new year to you too!

    @ Neethu:
    You’re right! But I stopped writing long posts! 😉 Readership’s hitting rock-bottom! 😛

  6. hope you have an eventful year ahead 🙂
    good luck with your future endeavors. Work hard and you’ll get what you deserve.
    and life is no fun if its not a bit screwed up ;).

    – from the one who started stalking your blog with anon comments sometime back and turned your friend last year 😛

  7. I love that phrase, “obnoxious optimism” ever since I first heard it on a televised version of Mark Twain’s Roughing It.

    About, Religion and God, await my take on it soon. I’m getting all my facts right. Wait! 😉

    Happyest New Year, Hari!! 😀

  8. @ Anon:
    Thanks a bunch, sis! Yeah, I know it’s you! 😛 And true, not being screwed up is boring! 😀

    @ Corpus Gray:
    Me too, bro. But I came across it elsewhere… Still loved it at the very outset. 😀 Would love to read your take on religion.

    Happiest new year to you too, bro! 🙂

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