Sagar Aliyan’s Suppli | Another one from The Latest Pirates

The Latest Pirates – my movie-making buddies from College of Engineering, Trivandrum, are BACK, with a BANG! Check out the new video from their ‘Pirate cove’, “Sagar Aliyan’s Suppli’ – a humorous introspection into the Engineering student’s closest companion – the Suppli.

Check the video out, guys:


To know more about these pirates, check out their website: I’ve blogged about them before, in this post. Incidentally, my first published article in The Hindu, is also about them. Find the article here.

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  1. Saw the video. these guys are simply great. Ponni messaged me regarding this video and I immediately got onto youtube to watch this. Shivan has done a nice job. However, I feel that they could have done a bit better. The plot is too unrealistic or lacks connectivity. A flow is missing like their other videos. Still great effort and good work pirates

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