I’m someone who literally lives on weblogs! I read a minimum of eight to ten blogs a day, which means, the number of blogs I follow is HUMUNGOUS! Having realized that my feeble two-column theme would barely support all my favourites, I thought I’d reserve a page, just to list ’em all!

Blogroll Hottest Blogs
Abhijith B Abhilash Sir
Akhil ChronicWriter
Anup Deepak Sir
Balakrishnan Desipundit
Binny VA Hari Vishnu
Cris Indian Failblog
Game On Josmy Joseph
Lekshmi Labnol
Neethu Mathew
pR@tz ഞാന്
Sibin Nikhil Narayanan
Shal Preeti Shenoy
Sriram Sidin Vadakut
Syam Silverine
The ARChive Thinking Silverine
Thomman Twisted DNA
Vinitha Vasanth Vysnu

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