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WordPress For Startups – My Talk At WordCamp Nashik 2016

I did a session on WordPress For Startups at WordCamp Nashik 2016.

My talk was essentially about leveraging the power of WordPress, for startups – both as a tool, and as a medium to provide services. The talk was very-well received, and got a lot of appreciation from several people. I also started my WordCamp speaking career with this talk, and would love to do more sessions at WordCamps.

Here are the slides of my talk:

WordPress For Startups – By Hari Shanker – WordCamp Nashik from Hari Shanker R

And here is the video of my talk, from YouTube:

Hope you liked my session. Please don’t hesitate to share your feedback on my talk in the comments! Thanks a lot, in advance! 🙂

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WordPress 101 – BarCamp Kerala 2016 – Micro Edition – Slides

So, delivered a session on the basics of WordPress for the awesome participants of BarCamp Kerala 2016. Had an amazing time here!

Given time, there no such thing that is insurmountable.

—The Automattic Creed

Do take a look at the slides. 🙂

WordPress 101 | A Sneak Peek Into The Software The Powers The Open Web from Hari Shanker R
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Joining Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K Run 2015

I am in a marathon, not a sprint, and no matter how far away the goal is, the only way to get there is by putting one foot in front of another every day.

    – The Automattic Creed

Being part of a marathon was always an attempted item in my bucket list. However, tight schedules prevented me from participating in any. Every year, there’d be four or five 10K’s or 20K’s at Trivandrum, Kochi, Bangalore or Mumbai. Each time the announcement came out in the press, I’d make a mental note to start training, only to conveniently forget about it later on. It didn’t exactly help that I was steadily gaining kilos (as well as continuous deposits of flab and inertia) over time.

However, Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5k Run 2015 (WWWP5K), was an event that excited me like no marathon ever could!
For me, WordPress is not just a semantic publishing platform – it’s a way of life. It’s an overwhelming passion, and the philosophy behind the content management system, as well as my love for Open Source software makes it my driving force. I owe most of my technical knowledge (as well as a bulk of my savings) to the content management system and the robust community that powers it. Btw, is proudly powered by WordPress. 🙂

Needless to say, Automattic – the company that runs the hosted version of WordPress at (Where this blog was hosted quite a while back), is one of my favourite companies in the world. Oh, I also happen to be one of the biggest Matt Mullenweg fans, alive. 😉

WWWP5k had its ‘official’ inception on September 29, 2013, when a bunch of Automatticians (home-grown fitness freaks themselves) decided to do something tangible to stay healthy, and invited other WordPress lovers across the world to join them. Yeah, the event was a runaway success.

So, this edition of WWWP5k kick-starts tomorrow (26th October 2015) till Sunday (November 1st 2015). If you’re interested, you can take part in the event between these days. The requirement? You should be a blogger using the WordPress platform (Not yet on WordPress? Create a blog for free!!)!

So, wherever you are in the world, if you’re free over the next week – do a 5k run! Feel free to use a smartphone/pedometer to measure your distance and check your route.  You can also do the run indoors in the comfort of your home, with your very own treadmill. Blog about your run, and share your selfies too (with the tag ‘WWWP5k‘ on your blog, or a linkback to this page [link: ] if you’re self-hosted).

As for me, I’m all set – my Nike running shoes are dusted, my route is set (the track around my apartment). Gonna take the run tomorrow (26th October 2015) at 5 AM IST. Wish me luck! (And join me too!)

I successfully took the marathon! 🙂 Detailed blog post coming soon:

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Silence is Golden!

Silence – It’s one of the world’s best virtues.

Being silent is an art in itself, and I happen to be a master of that art. 🙂 I’m basically a silent person. I’ve never mastered the art of being loquacious.  I just can’t go on to talk for hours on end. Whenever I talk, I convey my points as briefly as possible and end with a majestic full-stop. That doesn’t mean that I’m proud of being silent. I would ideally love to talk for hours on end. In fact, there was a point in  time, when I used to talk more than what I do now. But then, something happened… something snapped within me, and I lost the ability to talk.

It happened one fine morning. One day, I wake up and I realize that I’ve lost the ability to talk! It’s not like, I went mute or anything. I could technically talk. Voice would come out of my mouth, I could utter syllables, alright. But my communication was just essential. I suddenly became brief in my conversations. My conversations were short (and not necessarily sweet).  That was when I noticed that silence was a part and parcel of me. I’m inherently a listener. NOT a talker. I could listen to people talk for hours on end, but if you ask me to talk for a couple of hours, I’d go mute. I just can’t do it!

I’m not exactly proud of being silent. In fact, I detest it. I envy everyone who talks a lot. Which means, I envy most girls. 🙂 They just manage to dig out topics out of the blue and go on to talk, talk and talk. Whew. I would LOVE to do the same. Sigh!

Next comes the issue of what to talk. That’s where I’m stumped again. I’m not exactly full-of-beans. If you thought I was a walking-talking Encyclopedia Britannica, you couldn’t be more wrong! 😐 They say, “Known’s a drop. Unknown’s an ocean”. For me, ‘unknown’ makes up Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean combined. 😐 I often feel a bit deprived because of my lack of knowledge. Can’t say that I’m not doing anything about it. I’m reading my way to glory. 🙂 Hoping that content will solve my quagmire of not being able to speak up when I want to.

Despite not being able to talk volumes about what I like, a part of me loves being silent. 🙂 I prefer listening to people talk, rather than the act of talking. Listening is good. Everyone talks, few listen. I’m quite a good listener; I listen to friends’ problems for a living. 😉 When you listen to people, it makes them feel happy. They feel important, because there’s someone to listen to what they  have to say. In fact, there’s a friend of mine who’s exactly the same.

I guess I’ll find it a tad too hard to break my mould of being silent. But in a way, it’s made me a good listener.

Let’s see where silent listening takes me to… 🙂