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Hari Shanker R

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Bootstrap released!!

After the obnoxiously-long delay, the movie is finally released. We have our own reasons for the delay. Lab exams, Aagneya… you name it! Yet, we surmounted them all, and found time to release the movie! Download!| Low Quality, WMV, Filesize: 13 MB; 4:51 Download! | High Quality, AVI DivX; Filesize: 24 MB; 4:51 The High… Continue reading

Reviewing ‘Slumdog’

The whole world’s been talking about this movie for a long long time. The banter, applause and sheer admiration (not to mention the 4 Golden Globes!) for the movie grew to such ear-jarring levels that even I, a reticent movie-watcher – to put it crude, couldn’t resist. I just finished watching “Slumdog Millionaire” a couple… Continue reading

Bootstrap: The Genesis

Date: 12th February, 2008Location: S5 IT Classroom, Govt. Engineering College, Barton Hill ‘Microrprocessors and Interfacing’ was being taught at class. It was the final hour of the semester. Most students were droopy-eyed and half-asleep, even as the teacher went on to teach the nuances of 8255 Controller. However, two students were dejected for a different… Continue reading

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