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This website is a personal blog written by Hari Shanker R.. By visiting this website and/or reading the content, you have to abide by the following terms and conditions. Else, feel free to leave.

All articles/posts/reviews are personal opinions of mine, that strictly adhere to the laws of free speech. Ergo, I may even be grossly wrong or ill-advised. Please cross-check the claims/references before you proceed any further, regarding the information I provide.

You also agree not to initiate any legal action against me based on the content in this blog.

Linking to ‘I chose the red pill’

Feel free to adopt quotes from ‘I chose the red pill’  in your website or blog, when needed. Just ensure that proper credits are given at the right place.

You are advised to provide a hyperlink (full URL) to the blog post where the quote is from. Also, restrain from using techniques (like rel=nofollow) that block search engines. Mention ‘I chose the red pill’ before and/or after the quoted area.

Permission for reprint

If you would like to reprint any article from my blog as-is, feel free to mail me at hari@harishanker.net

Reprinting without permission amounts to gross copyright violation. It is quite unlikely that I would want to be paid for a reprint, however, you would need my permission to get the article reprinted.

Copyright Violation and Misuse

Plagiarism is a very serious issue, and I’m extremely concerned about it.

If a charge of plagiarism is found (i.e. if articles from the blog/RSS feed are published as-is), it will be taken seriously and actions including a complaint to the blog hosting company and a DMCA charge to the advertiser, will be initiated.

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