The THUNDERBOLT is back!

Okay, okay… I know this post is goanna be really clichéd. Almost every guy/girl with a weblog in his/her name will have passed through this situation. But, not updating your blog on a daily ah… at least in a monthly basis isn’t a crime, is it? When your blog finds no footprints of yours (save those of the readers, if there are any, that is…) it has a more than 90% chance of being extinct. I’ve seen millions of interesting blogs wither away into the realms of eternity with the author even forgetting the username & password of his blog!

In my case, well, disinterest wasn’t the problem. In fact, I pragmatically used some of those boring periods in college to cook up the bases for new posts. But, when your parents outrightly refuse PC usage, what are you supposed to do? You can’t write your posts and simply upload them into your blog through airwaves, can you? Okay, okay… I know what you’re thinking right now… And I did exactly as you thought, only to be caught once again. (Fell prey to my father’s advanced snooping techniques for the umpteenth time!) And, Achan is now staunchly against the idea of re-taking DataOne (I’d run up a broadband bill of Rs 1850/-, and you can imagine what happened at home!) until S3. To make things worse, the phone line near my PC suddenly went dead!

With no-net, I was almost like, half-paralyzed. Had it not been for the BH Library, I’d have even deleted my orkut profile. But problems didn’t stop there either. The admin soon banned Orkut there too!!:( It was then that my gaze fell on Achan’s IBM Thinkpad. If there weren’t any presentations in the vicinity, it was mostly unused and safely rested in Achan’s shelf. Though the Thinkpad was over a year old, it had a DVD RAM Writer, 1 GB RAM, Bluetooth, and what not! Thankfully the manufacturers had thought about people like me, the Thinkpad even has an internal DialUp modem. This meant, I could use another phone-line to get connected. (Provided my parents weren’t at home – and that regularly happens every Saturday!)

But even those feisty hours, or rather minutes (I say feisty, because I use NetOne – the free internet connection provided by BSNL 😀 ), I spent with the thinkpad, just gave me enough time to reply to my scraps and chat with a few people. And, like Me pursuing 'back-breaking' study schedules...bolt from the blue came the much-preponed series exams. Needless to say, with my ‘back-breaking’ study-schedules, I didn’t get time to log on either…(That, obviously, was a joke. Hope you got the sarcasm)

Now that the damned series is over, time is on my side. And, that translates into more orkutting, blogging & photography, thanks to Achan’s thinkpad! So don’t be surprised to see me online most-often. So, keep connected. And, ready your eyes for a treat of sorts, hopefully by tomorrow!

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