If the sudden inactivity in this blog caught you unawares, my apologies! I’m not in a state to type/sit in front of the computer for long hours, thanks to some newfound health problems! :(Can’t divulge more details, but I’m debilitated by a rather crippling left clavicle fracture, thanks to a bike accident. Upcoming university exams coupled with my ‘excellent’ first year results add on to my plight. I’ll be blogging about all these once my clavicle has healed. That, if my surgeon Dr Cheriyan Thomas is to be believed, should take about a month or so.

The pic below might shed some light on my situation! This was taken on the 7th of December, the day before they tore my left shoulder apart to fix my clavicle with plate & screws. (Courtesy, Priya Chechi & her Nokia N73 Music Edition)

Anyway, expect a path-breaking post about the whole d’affair in January.

Hearty Christmas & New-year greetings to all my loyal readers! Do pray for me! Adios!

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  1. Oh! That’s an interesting suggestion, Ashok chetta. Will sure do. Have some problems with bandwidth & parental restrictions, but yeah. I’ll do it!

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