New-Year Makeover

Finally, after two and a half LONG years of blogging, my blog gets a makeover. Not just a new theme (from tic-tac to Minima dark) but even a new title (‘Apocalypse in the cliché factory’ now is ‘I chose the red pill’). For those who’ve failed to notice the tiny about-me pic, there’s even a not-so-small pic in the header image! (Now, that’s enough déjà vu stuff for people who see me on road! :P).

Reasons behind the ‘makeover’? Plenty of ‘em, actually. When you’re bored, jobless and desperately stuck at home with nothing else to do other than to pay a (deaf) ear to the rants and ravings of your parents who apparently have forgotten all other words in their lingo but for ‘STUDY!’, your mind gets rejuvenated beyond imagination. Besides, I’ve been yearning for a change-of-appearance too. Some introspection in a jiffy, followed by a rather challenging experimentation with colours and a rendezvous with Photoshop did the trick. I FINALLY chose the red pill.

Now for those who are intrigued with the title. Haven’t you people seen ‘The Matrix‘? Well, I have. About 49 times! I’m a great fan of the trilogy: the philosophy, the storyline, Smith’s cold dialogues, Neo’s repartees, Morpheus’s matter-of-factly explanations and above all; the stunts, especially the bullet-time! There’s this scene in ‘The Matrix’ where Morpheus invites Neo to join his fight against the malevolent machines who’ve made life on Earth an elaborate façade. After succinctly explaining to Neo about the Matrix, Morpheus gives him a choice between two pills: A red pill and a blue pill. If Neo eats the blue pill, he’ll “wake up in your bed and believe what you want to believe” and if he chooses the red pill, he’ll “stay in wonderland, and I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Needless to say, Neo chooses the Red pill, joining Morpheus’s crusade…

Check out this video to catch a glimpse of the scene:

My choice of ‘The red pill’, hence signifies a quantum shift from dreams to reality. Aw c’mon, that doesn’t mean ostensibly longer and dead-serious posts! Just a slight inclination towards realism. A sojourn of sorts from Dreams to reality. Hope you people find the makeover interesting. Expecting your valuable comments. Happy reading!

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a poll by the side. Do vote! 😀

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  1. hari,
    i have always admired ur old blog appearance. But i just cannot accept this makeover and i did vote in ur poll long back.

    Ur fabulous posts need a more sublime appearance as the last one and a striking and more cool title as “Apocalypse in the cliche’ factory”.

    The first time i saw u blog, i was intrigued seeing the blog title. The i thot abt it and came to understand it and i admired ur imagination the most. Plz revert to the old one someday.

    Thanks for explaining “I chose the red pill”…

    AND WONDERFUL COMPERING. U made the show really good. Keep it up. Will expect u next time on stage not alone for a song but also as a comperer.

  2. Hmmm… You have a point there, chechi. But, now that I’ve changed, reverting to the old theme wouldn’t be good. [:D] Maybe I should go on with this one for sometime, until a new idea strikes.

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