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Dear Diary,
I’ve narrated to you almost all the dreams (nightmares included) that I’ve had. But the one I had this morning is altogether different, even exhilarating! I found myself in the best of my spirits thanks to the dream, even after a nasty fight with parents and the sweltering summer temperatures. Well, let me elaborate without further ado:

I actually had two dreams this morning. Incidentally, both have the same protagonists. 🙂

Dream #1:
I’m perched onto the so-called “Mech-corner”(It’s an asbestos roofed enclave, with slabs by side which can seat about eight people) of my college with my friend Sidharth, discussing sundry topics from Torrent-speeds to plans for the sem-break. Then I see her, running down from the first year block. Her chest was panting and a smile developed in her freckled, but graceful and wheatish face as she approached me:
She: “Hey chetta!”
Me: “Oh, hi!”
She (in *suave* English): “Forgot to tell you the other day, you were awesome at the personality contest!”

Her hand feels damn good. Smooth as velvet. 🙂

Me: “Thanks, you did well too. You won the second place. Right?”
She: “Ah, that was nothing. I didn’t do well. The judges were partial, obviously.”
Me (“I hate this girl’s English. Sounds SO artificial”): “Heh. I hope so. So, what’s up? Classes? Life? When are your classes goanna end?”
She: (again in English):”Classes are goanna end soon. Life’s not great either.You guys have sem-break right?”
Me (“Aaaaaaaaaargh! Doesn’t she know malayalam? She’s mallu right?”): “Yeah, got bored at home. Decided to drop in. Besides, I had a meeting with the HOD.”
She: “Oops, think someone’s in class. Gotto go. C ya soon chetta.”
Bye, C ya .”
Me (To Sidharth, while admiring her *body* as she runs back to the class): “I don’t like this girl… Too much English, too much show-off…”

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Dream #2:
was the coldest night in those parts. Teeth-rattlingly cold. As I lay on the bare grass on the foot of the valley, I could feel the cold setting onto me. Even the well-prepared tent and my woolen blanket didn’t help much. I turned by my side and glanced at her. I could hear her teeth chatter, as she lay with her back facing me. Her curly and short hair fell on my face incessantly as her body shivered in unison with her teeth. Her red blanket hid near-perfect body adorned by a collared T-shirt with pink, white and black stripes and a pair of dark jeans. (She looked SO beautiful that morning).

As I’m lost in thoughts about her, she turns back and pulls me towards her with her left arm, quite involuntarily. I’m dumbstruck! But, without much ado, I reciprocate… 😉 Gingerely removing her blanket and mine, I pull her body towards me with my arm. Then, I use the twin woolen blankets to cover our bodies. As her soft breasts press themselves onto mine, a warm-sensation begins to set in. Her abdomen, her legs, all fight to share space with my body. The comfort of her body-warmth makes me draw her more close to me. She reciprocates willingly, again. I caress her back with my arms, and kiss her freckled cheek. She hides her face, deep into my left shoulder. I close my eyes only to fall into dreamless slumber…

Now, this is NOT fiction, period. True, I might’ve used some exaggeration in the second story, but that’s miniscule. The essence is still true. 😀 Hope you’d rank this as one of the most rejuvenating dreams I’ve had! 🙂

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  1. “As I’m lost in thoughts about her, she turns back and pulls me towards her with her left arm, quite involuntarily. I’m dumbstruck! But, without much ado, I reciprocate… 😉 “

    One word-KASHTAM

    “True, I might’ve used some exaggeration in the second story, but that’s miniscule. The essence is still true.”

    Thanne? Enik ithu full thallu aanennu aadyame thonni? I do rem u telling that some gal had got 2nd in the persona, avale ninek itraku pidichu ennu njan arinjilla, athe oruthi poyende desps aano ee kanune? REPLY plz!

  2. @ Abhi:
    Enthuvaa chetta… Ingane enne desp aakkathe… Thallalla. Satyam! 😀 Pinne swapnathil kaanunnathu athu pole ezhuthaan onnum pattoollallo! Kore okke marakkille!! 🙂 Athu kondu korachu avideyum ivideyum okke… Hehe.

    Ammayaane… ITHU THALLALLA!! Satyam satyam satyam!

  3. hmmm
    i am going to do something different here

    at first you are very cynical and annoyed abt that girl that shows that basically your enimies are working agnst youso i think you need to be more careful

    in the second you are making love to a girl

    it indeed shows how badly you miss the broken relationship

    take these as a sign listen to your heart and be the miracle that you want to be
    its amazing what a little imagination can make the miracle out of man

    thats it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ok, separate comments for the dreams

    dream 1: fucked up accent, get used to it! this is kerala 🙂 besides, i’d like to think everyone’s accent is fucked up (i know mine is, i have a WEIRD one)

    dream 2: dude, watch more porno! that’ll give you the ‘better dreams’ package as well

  5. Hari,

    Dream 1:

    Dream 2:
    You had a wet dream? Whoa! First (Okay, second dream!) thing in the morning …
    How was the rest of the day?

    @ g
    Great advice, macha … ingane thanne paranju kodukkanam!

  6. hehe.. nice dream.. if i were in a more sarcastic mood i would have said the H20 content of ur dream was high (ie, wet dream).. lol..

    but yea.. ive had a dream like this once too, and i remember clearly tat day was a jolly one for me.. seriously it strikes me how common guys can get in terms of dreaming..

  7. @cool_romeo:

    Whoa. That’s a mind-bogglingly-poignant way of looking at my dream. Thanks for the insights! :-0

    “..in the second you are making love to a girl”
    I never said I made love! 😛

    @ G-Man:
    How true, sire… Well, pangs of being a mallu, perhaps!

    Speaking of porn:
    I DO watch porn, but if I write it in that style, I’m sure goanna get a LOT of hate-mail! 😛

    Corpus Gray:
    It wasn’t a wet dream. Period. 😐

    hari vishnu:
    Thanks again to my second-best-commenter! 🙂 If you read my previous comment, well, it’s been pretty long since I had a dream with more H20 (It’s not H20, is it? :P) content. 😉

    Guys are guys and will always be guys! 🙂

  8. well…..its said….some dream……and others act….hi hi…hope u got it…..enikku onne parayaanullu da….nee katha eyuthiya kodeeshwaran aakum….

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