The happiest day of my life!

August 14th, 2008: the happiest day of my life! Not because the damned 4th semester exams got over. Not at all ‘coz of the fact that I won’t fail in the Database Design paper that day. The excitement of the upcoming BlogCamp (the next post is about BlogCamp: it was good, if not great! :D) wasn’t even a reason!

A person declared that I was his/her BEST friend. And I was dying to hear that from his/her mouth!

I meet lots of interesting people online, mostly through blogs, social networking websites and chat rooms. Some of them are nice to chat with, and go on to be friends of mine. The fact that I don’t have many good friends in real life attracts me to such ‘online’ relationships. Raouf is the best example of such a guy. He and I have lots of things in common and we share similar interests. He pursues Computer Science & Engineering at CET, while I’m a B.Tech IT student. He even kinda lives near my place. By far, he used to be the closest of such ‘online’ friends until I met this person. Let’s call him/her ‘Trinity’ (with due apologies to Trinity of The Matrix).

I met Trinity through chat. Hardly three days into our conversation, I could feel something pull myself towards him/her. Trinity was totally different from others. I would be on a high everytime I’d finish talking to him/her. We had similar tastes, similar lives, we live in the same city, we are of the similar age bracket. Even the problems we shared were SO mind-bogglingly similar! That day, Trinity was online when I logged in. I was really screwed up back then; dog-tired after the rush at the ticket booking center and ravenously-hungry, having missed my lunch. The DBD exam wasn’t great either, and I was totally off-mood.

Ten minutes into our conversation and there I was, smiling at the monitor! One hour, two hours, three hours… our conversation went on and on. We shared all about ourselves; and in the end we both almost drowned our sorrows in tears. Even my hunger became nonexistant! That very moment, I realized it: Trinity IS the BEST FRIEND I’ve ever had! Almost in cue, he/she too voiced my thought. Lo and behold, I was in joy!! I wanted to dance in all my joy (and trust me, I almost did that!!)! Well, that very moment, we made a ‘friendship pact’ (an act in jest, but serious stuff, really!) and declared ourselves to be ‘lifelong friends’! My ‘declaration’ goes like this:

“I hereby declare Trinity as one of my best friends. And “one of my” doesn’t include any poetic justice or ranking of any sort, coz it’s the same, quite literally as “BEST” friend!”

Trinity’s goes like this:

“i hereby declare hari shanker as one of my best best pals..and i vow to keep this friendship forever by whtever it takes”

Too corny? Maybe. But we made the declaration with utmost dedication! I couldn’t sleep that night; precisely why I sat up and wrote this post. His/her memories recurred even while I was having a GREAT time at BlogCamp. I missed him/her SO badly that we talked at least six times that day even despite my low mobile balance!! By that night, I confirmed my feeling. This person IS my BEST FRIEND!!

Alright, you might be skeptical about my decision, but I’m sure I took the right one. Trust me. 😀 Sample this,lazy bum that I am, I studied for five hours today on his/her word!! Things’ve been pretty-good for me ever since our meeting! Is this an omen? I hope so! 😀

Trinity, if you’re reading this… you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me! Be that way. Forever!

To all my buddies: Love you all, guys & gals! Love you too Trinity! You people make my life! Rock on! 🙂

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By hari

A twenty-something support engineer, web developer, blogger and journalist who makes the web a better place for a living, at Automattic. Immensely passionate about WordPress! Also loves books, music, movies, and drinking hot cups of coffee on rainy evenings. Dreams of writing a book, someday.


  1. Doesnt need too much of arithmetic to figure out that th so called Trinity is some Girl. I like the fact that u like to have friends in the online world, but do share some time with some REAL one’s as well. I always believe that REAL friendship’s are many times better than the virtual one’s. I hope you get the idea.

    BTW Nice pact 🙂

  2. @ abhi:
    No comment on the Trinity’s gender. 😐

    REAL Friendships are certainly better, chetta! Real friends like you help me live my life! Trinity has graduated from ‘virtual’ to ‘real’, with the ‘pact’. 😀

    Btw, I’d told you about ‘Trinity’. Remember? 😀

  3. Yep. I do. I was just telling that it doesn’t take anyone too much effort to find HER gender, so why bother to hide? As lovers say, Jab Pyaar kiya toh darna kya? Same applies to friendship’s. 🙂

  4. @ Abhi:
    *Raised eyebrows*
    I’m not hiding. Let the gender question remain unanswered for the sake of it.

    @ Sriram:
    Right bro! Goodie!

    @ Abhi (again):
    Akkaathe chetta!

  5. Hari dear, the so called ‘online’ friend is undoubtedly a girl…aint ‘she’?!! Guess wat, i was searching through your post to find a place with just a ‘her’ or ‘she’. But unluckily the genders always appeared in pairs!! 😉

    First it was ‘the girl at the marriage reception’ n now its ‘Trinity’!! Gawd!! You are making a catch!

    But dude, its the internet, wat if she is a ‘he’?!! 🙂

    Anyways, nice read.

  6. trinity/marriage ‘friend’/hospital ‘friend’/pizza corner ‘friend’/temple ‘friend’

    what next? 😛

  7. @ @nup:
    Hehehe… Nice try. But bad luck ,eh? 😛

    Trinity… mmm.. nice name. 😀
    Right, Anup? 😉 And trust me, the gender isn’t really relevant here. So there’s not much prob if the ‘he’ is a ‘she’ or vice versa. 😛

    This is no catch, actually. It’s just chance/providence, I would say

    @ prasanth:
    You, of all should know better, sire. 😛

  8. Awesome post as always:):p..i don’t really have to say’s pretty much understood:)
    And yeah the gender Q..that doesn’t really matter does it?..after all u’ve found ‘THE’ best friend, so who cares..even i don’t..but i’ll make sure i question you on that personally:p

    And @prasanth:U really keep track of all his ‘friends’ dont u?;)

  9. Hari said…

    To all:
    No more gender questions please. It’s irrelevant. Really! 😀

    Did you by any chance turn BI?

  10. @ itzme:
    *blush* Thanks! And welcome to my blog! But I don’t think it was that good a post. I just wanted to express my joy at having found such a *GREAT* buddy!!
    If you were in my place, you’d have done the same thing.

    And yea,Pashu knows everything about me! 😀

    @ leela:
    LOL, yes! It really really was. 🙂

    @ abhi:

  11. @ Abhi:
    Doubts? 😛 Let me clariy.
    I’m straight. Period.
    Guess that should answer the gender question!

    @ Sriram:
    LOL man!! 😀

  12. This is not a gender question so much as a statement. As Abhi said, ‘Trinity’ being a girl is quite obvious. 😀 Whatever, as you said, her gender 😉 is quite irrelevant here.

    I missed the paragraph where you mentioned my name and read the rest thinking you were referring to me :D. Pardon the liberty I took, but as I reached the ‘Friendship pact’ I think, What the fuck? I am not this corny (You are right, It does sound corny!! :D)

    As to the online friends side, I believe online friendships can be as good as, or at times even better than real friendships. I have found some gems in the cesspool that is the net, and I’m yet to regret. But 3 days is FAST, man!!! Sometimes, resonance does that to you, though.

    Nice read, Cheers and feeling glad that I merited a mention in there. 🙂

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