Daily Blunder: The Police Story

Ah, it feels heavenly to blog after a hiatus! 🙂

This post marks the start of a new series in this blog: The Daily Blunder.

Everyone has his/her own embarrassing moments; weird situations which would turn them beetroot-red in embarrassment. People do strange things trying to cover all those momentous gaffes up, burying them in the deepest recesses of their mind…

Not me.

I make ten times as many blunders as any normal guy. Perhaps I’m a tad too retarded ’cause the dumb things I do would make even Tom & Jerry seem ‘The Godfather‘-esque! And I don’t give a bloody damn about publicizing my faux pas! 😛 Hope you people will find the series as interesting as my previous posts…

It was a very very fine morning. Extremely fine, till I was rudely shaken up from the company of Mr Morpheus (not the one of ‘The Matrix‘ fame!) by my Mom shouting at the top of her voice at 7:30 AM, that is. Due to some, ahem, ‘extra-curricular activities’ in the previous night, it was a bit late when I’d hit the sack. (Not porn you evil mind! I had a website to design and upload. And that too, in JUST three hours!!) Four hours sleep is mandatory for me to stay conscious all day. I hadn’t even clocked two hours of sleep that night. Groggily, I shoved off the bedsheet, went upstairs and brushed my teeth only to realize the fact in horror. I was late, and I had to reach college by 8.45 that day!

After a dressing-up session which lasted five minutes precise (and would even put Darsheel to shame), I gobbled up a couple of Dosas with my always-punctilious dad looking daggers at me for perennially being late. I was wearing a worn-out pair of jeans and a gross, orange shirt which curiously made me resemble Munnabhai MBBS. For a few invigorating minutes, I pictured myself in Sanjay Dutt‘s celebrated role, hurriedly converting his home into a hospital in that ‘Subah Ho gayi mamu’ song. Another Darsheel moment. Dad had to slap me hard in the back, to bring me back to the real world!! I hate my life! Don’t I even have the freedom to day dream?! 🙁

Well, Munna cost me dearly, so to speak. Would you believe my luck? Just as I was rushing out of my house, all dressed up and bag on shoulder, my neighbour had left!! And he was waving back at me instead of asking his dad to stop the car. 😐 It was already 8:10 and I badly needed a miracle to reach Sreekariyam on time, so as to catch the college bus which was my only ticket to reach college by 8:45. I realized I didn’t have much choice. I ran. I ran till my lungs burned! After sprinting for about two hundred metres, I stopped, panting, longing for some water. Guess what, I’d forgotten my water bottle in all the frazzle! Swearing, I waved at the Yamaha Gladiator that swiftly approached me. The man was kind, he offered me a lift! If I had money in my purse, I’d gladly have gifted it to him in all the happiness!!

Two minutes in his bike, and I was swearing again. I’d rather have walked all the way. This dude was such a slowcoach. It was almost 8:25 AM!, over 15 minutes after I’d started from home, when we reached Sreekariyam! No sooner did he stop, I jumped out of his bike. I was in luck! The bus had just arrived at the stop. The benevolent conductor was trying his luck with this cute first year girl, so I had enough time to reach the bus. I ran. I didn’t notice a white-clad male figure in my way, first. My eyes were at the cream colored college-bus, revving its engine. I shoved the white-clad guy off with my right hand and sprinted as fast as I can. At that opportune moment, I felt a searing pain on my right forearm. Something sharp had brushed my hand. As I looked back, I realized the blunder of my life.

The guy I’d hit was the exasperated traffic policeman!!!

I’d caught him off-handed and had almost pushed him down squarely onto the road. He started showering me with a volley of choicest abuses and was now chasing me. I muttered a quick apology and galloped to the bus, quickly getting in through the back door; an instant before the bus started. Within a couple of seconds time, the bus had outmaneuvered the policeman. Thankfully, the traffic at the junction was a tad too high for the cop to ignore his duties and pursue his attacker. Shuddering in relief, I sat down in an empty seat. Few had noticed my rendezvous with the cop; those first years who had seen the incident were chuckling (not loudly though, I was a pretty-famous third year at college, after all!!)

Nevertheless, the policeman did have the last laugh. The pain on my forearm was actually a bruise he had inflicted with the sharp end of his whistle in all the rage. It was extremely painful and took a week to get cured.

My bruised hand!

Now, whenever I see a traffic policeman on the road, I make it a point to stay a couple of metres away from him!!

By hari

A twenty-something support engineer, web developer, blogger and journalist who makes the web a better place for a living, at Automattic. Immensely passionate about WordPress! Also loves books, music, movies, and drinking hot cups of coffee on rainy evenings. Dreams of writing a book, someday.


  1. I’ve heard tht bloggers wd do anythn to add anotehr post to their blog. Bt i didn’t thnk you’ll be among those types! Sad that it took me to time to realise this fact :((

  2. Nothing is irrelevant in today’s world. Imagine you were running for the bus in London and hitting one of Queen’s Policemen! Remember what happened to a young Brazilian of your age some time back!!
    Praise the God, for our Policemen are armed with whistles and fire with their mouths only 🙂

  3. running behind the college bus not to miss the first hour? you REALLY think attending class is that important? 😉

    and designing websites? cool. reminds me of the other police encounter. 😛

  4. dude ! ure a criminal ! how dare u undermine a civil servant of the nation !

    lol.. ure lucky u got away with nothing but a bunch of 1st year fans to giggle about it..

    some of those days na.. where nothing goes right.. u just know it that u are not meant to do anything on that day.. and i think im having some of those right now :)..

  5. @ Abhilash Suryan:
    True, sir! 🙂 I hadn’t thought in that angle. I guess I’m really lucky! 😀

    @ Prasanth:
    It wasn’t to miss the first hour!! I’d some other important job to do. 😀 Hehe!!
    Don’t even let me think of it, sire! Something I’m badly trying to forget. 🙁

    @ Hari Vishnu:
    I guess I am! Hope no policeman gets to read this!! 😀

    Such days do happen dude. I’ve had SO many of them that I’m pretty used to them now!! 🙂

  6. Hari,

    You actually messed with a police man, thats the worst thing to ever happen man. I would have died on the spot out of fear if this had happened to me.

    You say that you make 10 times more blunder than any normal guy, then I am no normal guy.

    The IEEE stuff is really taking your time away..right.? should pay off one day.

    Its good to see you here. Will be back soon.

    You got me..? we met at Blog Camp Kerala. I am from MA college of engineering ( see my pic here: http://www.millionclues.com/about)
    Also catch the christmas giveaway there.)

  7. hey finally!m here….what can i say…daily blunders spice up ya life…doesnt it?;)hehe….btw..this was a readable post for ppl like me:P..good going:)

  8. @ Arun Basil Lal:
    Hey hey!! How could I forget you, buddy? I always follow your blog, though I couldn’t make myself to comment. Thanks for visiting.

    And it wasn’t fearful, really. The cop was a sort-of nice guy. Else I wouldn’t have been posting like this!! The IEEE thing isn’t really taking a lot of my time, though. 😀

    I saw the contest. Will participate. Lack of time, damn! 🙁

    @ Neethu:
    Bingo! 😀 Blunders rock.

    And, thanks kutti… 😀

  9. Wow! Few months back I started a category called Daily Rot!
    But this was not blunder bro, it could happen to anyone in hurry! Good that you got away with a small bruise! Traffic policemen could behave pretty unpredictably when shoved – I think they are trained for that “Someone shoves you and you rub your whistle over him, lesson number 229”

    Btw you carry a water bottle?

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