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Hari Shanker R

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

I chose WordPress!

Fresh from taking a blogging seminar depicting all the zillion problems of Blogger, I thought I’d set the example myself.
Thanks to an excellent hosting plan by Wizehost, here I am, in WordPress!! Installation and post-importing was a breeze. With some search, I got a not-so-bad theme, did basic customization and voila. The Red Pill got pressed. 🙂

Since duplicate content won’t do good with search engines, I’m deleting my old blogger blog. Yeah, it was a painful action from my part, but it was necessary evil.

Don’t have time for further customizations at the moment. Yeah, series exams looming large! But brace yourself. The best is yet to come.

Thanks a bunch for all your support, readers! Hope you enjoy my posts as you’ve done all the while. Adios!


  1. Binny V A

    I congratulate your move – but where is the rest of the content? Why didn’t you move the content as well?

    By the way, I use this them on one of my sites – LinDesk

  2. Akhil

    Add Open Id support and comment preview. I don’t want to input my name and mail everytime I want to say something! 😀

    Hope, the move means more writing. Keep writing! Have fun, the blogosphere is yours! 🙂

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