The Social Network

I happened to watch ‘The Social Network’ today. Yes, I’m a little late, I know. Better late than never, they say. I didn’t realize it first, but this movie was my first flick in 2010. Boy, what a movie it was! 🙂 Now, now, before you presume things, I’m not reviewing the movie. (I’m quite famous… Continue reading The Social Network

FakeMECian – Another blogging crusader.

“Everything is hostile. The whole place is now a cage, a zoo. Now this move by the authority is more psychological.” “Where do you see the “technical excellence” that we are supposed to be receiving here.” “If Smokey gets a fleeting glance at it or has a gut instinct that something’s not right about your chaddie,… Continue reading FakeMECian – Another blogging crusader.

Hello from a 9400 km train!

It’s been 13 days, and Tata Jagriti Yatra is only getting better by the day, or more euphemistically, by the hour. 🙂 But no, it wasn’t all hunky dory. And, the yatra is not exactly a joyride. 350 of us wake up each day to the myriad challenges of yatra, with a mind-boggling challenge cropping… Continue reading Hello from a 9400 km train!

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Another makeover! 🙂 No reasons, this time. The old template was good enough, apart from being mind-numbingly crimson-red. 😀 I always wanted to go clean, white and pure. Like the erstwhile template of my blogger blog. A couple of hours of toil, and bingo! 😀 Notable Additions: The image gallery Better commenting Improved index page.… Continue reading Makeover!