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Hari Shanker R

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Within the endless pits of time,
Piercing many layers of grime,
Flashes of light flickered deep,
Crushing dreary, dark sleep.

Countless miles of darkness,
Scathing pain and duress,
Excruciating screams,
Crushed-to-pulp dreams,

Amid sordid blights,
Lay spine-chilling sights,
Dismembered and abominate,
Hell was reincarnate.

Revelation struck hard,
Rendering brains retard,
The scathing premonition,
Had indeed wiped out volition.



Quick ‘n’ Dirty Poem! 🙂


  1. Akhil Sasidharan

    Complex. It gave me dark imagery in succession, which is good or terrible. But, I think, it's good. You could've elaborated on what you described: you or a hell-like place or both in metaphor. I liked the way the lines rhymed and fell in my place.

    1. hari

      It was a very quick one, bro. Wrote it in exactly five minutes. Wanted to elaborate, but didn't feel like and was short of time. 🙂

      Thanks anyway. You're my inspiration. 🙂


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