Hari Shanker R

Hari Shanker R

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Shaken, not stirred

Last night, a lot broke up at home: Mom’s shattered cutlery was epitome; The car-windshield and dad’s chart, Left no trace like my foundered heart. Money would replace the losses, All but one, which was still in musses, The broken heart shall take its time, Yet, it shall tick, weak and sublime. My heart was… Continue reading

Torment to Triumph

Those magic eyes in perennial sparkling-glory, And the vivacious smile that kills each worry, Have abruptly muted their radiating presence; Your face now betrays painful silence. Perhaps fate played its game unfair, Or you were overwhelmed with scare, A blitzkrieg of failure broke apart, All your hopes and crushed your heart! Before you resign to… Continue reading

To G, with love.

A ‘ping’ was all it took; Not a gesture, voice, or look, Where books had many an angelic face, Back then, I met my sis at amazing pace, Adorable and cherubic, her smile, Vanished my pains in absolute guile; My tears evaporated in her voice, That gurgled like a river with poise. For many, she… Continue reading


Within the endless pits of time, Piercing many layers of grime, Flashes of light flickered deep, Crushing dreary, dark sleep. Countless miles of darkness, Scathing pain and duress, Excruciating screams, Crushed-to-pulp dreams, Amid sordid blights, Lay spine-chilling sights, Dismembered and abominate, Hell was reincarnate. Revelation struck hard, Rendering brains retard, The scathing premonition, Had indeed… Continue reading

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