Frame of Mind

By the bed – deep into the night, I lay exhausted, in pitiful plight; With eyes shut and body warm, My life was in excruciating harm. I know not how it fell apart, For, not so long ago, it was art! Setbacks galore and twists abound, A dying clock’s needle – life now sagged around.… Continue reading Frame of Mind

It’s time

With sparkling brilliance the sky shone, As the lark soared high and alone; Singed by the searing heat, She was alert, she couldn’t be meat. Unbeknownst was the path, Which was quite a warpath, Her feeble mind had but one thought, Death, it must come nought! Her children, tiny and weak, Hunger struck them, their… Continue reading It’s time


Have you ever experienced fear? Have you ever felt that painful, numbing feeling that hits you in the head? Have you ever tried to realize what it means to escape death? Have you ever thought about pain? Have you ever caused immense harm to someone and later laughed over it? Have you ever done something… Continue reading Fear

An ode to the perfect sis…

“How hard it is to be an only son!No one to talk to and no one to play,When I’m alone and down.”As a child, so I used to say. As clocks ticked and years fell,Lik leaves from the tree of time,I found someone; so nice and swell,She was my sis, sweet like sugared-lime! She endeared… Continue reading An ode to the perfect sis…

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