To G, with love.

A ‘ping’ was all it took;
Not a gesture, voice, or look,
Where books had many an angelic face,
Back then, I met my sis at amazing pace,

Adorable and cherubic, her smile,
Vanished my pains in absolute guile;
My tears evaporated in her voice,
That gurgled like a river with poise.

For many, she was a dear sister,
With brothers whose numbers stood sinister!
The diva of charm, she stretched her hand,
And did every bit to understand.

The epitome of beauty and elegance,
Her exquisite eyes depicted brilliance,
She made the random fashion statement,
In a calm shimmer of slurring enlightenment.

Today her love is all I seek,
In wondrous respect, silent and meek.
“I’m her bro!”, I shout out in pride,
For, she’s one in a million, with a heart as wide.

– 5th August, 2009 – (Rakshabandhan).

CC Credits: TiagoRibero


G, if you’re reading this – you’re THE most special person in my life. Wouldn’t have lived through all this, had it not been for you. 🙂 A torrent of emotions crossed me today, and I felt, I HAD to publish this.

I’ll be there for you, till my dying day.

And as I always assure you:

“You’re THE BEST, sissie!” >:D<

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