10 shortcuts to instant-happiness

Happiness is bliss, but the quest for it often isn’t. Broadly speaking, the very purpose of life is happiness – we live our lives to stay happy. All our deeds are directed toward happiness. However, dire situations in life block this emotion from within. Alright, life isn’t always a bed of roses, but drowning oneself in the wine of sorrows is pointless.

Such occasions demand instant happiness – quite like a painkiller. Here are ten effective tips to inject sorrows out of your system in a short span-of-time. I can’t ensure cent-percent success, but I’ve been a guinea pig myself and these have worked like charm: 🙂

Here goes:

1. Talk.

The simplest key to happiness; find a buddy and talk! Anything and everything – your blues, your pains; even a flimsy Tintumon joke would do. Once a healthy conversation (preferrably a long-one) is over and done with, you’d be back to your happier-self. This works even if you’re an introvert, in which case, you should get the other person to talk to you. Side-effect: hefty phone bills. 😐

2. Do your thing.

What’s ‘your thing’? Everyone has his/her obsession that makes him/her happy – it varies from person to person. If you’re into books, dust open that elusive book from your shelf and glue yourself. If music is your mind and soul, listen listen to some soothing Floyd. Or worse, if you’re that bookworm who’s obsessed with studies, try formulating a theory of your own and verify it yourself! 😛 Your ‘bad mood’ might make you feel skeptical about your ability to pursue your passion when you’re down, but that’s just a negative thought. Give your passion a try, and you’d find yourself smiling again as you successfully go about doing it. 🙂

3. Put yourself into motion.

Wake up lazybones and give thy booty a quick shake. Don’t slump down in despair, instead, give your entire system a boost of motion. Add a tinge of motion to whatever you do – if you’re reading, try walking about. Add a momentary briskness to your gait. Pump faux-energy to your voice, take a walk outside; even climb up and down your staircase for good measure. Some energy’s goanna do you good! 🙂

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4. Be a good-samaritan for a change

Drug your evil twin and try doing something noble for a change. Pass along a gratifying message forward. Cheer up a buddy, donate some money for a needy person or feed a hungry child – do your bit to make the world a better place. Just a small gesture shall bring a smile to your face. 😀

5. Talk about your good deed

There’s no harm in publicizing the good deed you just did. Beat the drums about it; reverse karma ensures that once the word is out of your mouth, happiness shall fill your tormented mind.

6. A walk to remember

Don your walking shoes and take a walk across the street;  especially so if it’s morning. Nothing adds more positivity to brain cells than a good walk in daylight, swear researchers. If your climate so allows, make sure to bask yourself in the bright morning light. Also, try walking the talk – find a walk-buddy and ‘walk-the-talk’. A happiness-high shall sure ensue.

7. Task out the task

Have a long-pending dentist appointment? Remember that library book whose fine has now run into hundreds? Take up minor daily chores that you’ve procrastinated over time. Assign priorities and complete them. Once each bugging chore is off the list, your mind shall heave a progressive sigh of relief, ushering in a rush of spirits.

8. Spread the love

Spread the warmth of your love as you meet your loved ones. Text that friend you haven’t heard from in a while. Give your girlfriend/boyfriend a pleasant surprise. When you share your love and care, your buddies shall reciprocate and you’d feel wanted yourself. Even an arbit ‘take care’ goes a long way, longer than you imagine.

9. Imbibe knowledge

Known is a drop and unknown is an ocean. A few gulps of the unknown ocean shall flush out needless negativity from your system. Find an area which you’ve been dying to know more of. Google/Wiki it and treat yourself to nuggets of information. Trust your intuition on this – these new nuggets of info should be upon something you actually have a penchant for. Enlightenment has its effects.

10. Fake happiness

A li’l plastic smile does help at times. Researches have proved that even artificially-induced smiles help boost moods. This, ideally, should be the last arrow in your quiver and is sure-shot success. Laughter therapy is a variant of fake happiness; so fake a smile until you feel real joy. What’s more you’d look your best with that pretty smile on your face, and you’d present yourself as approachable to people.

Happiness is infectious. Once you’re out of the blues, make it a point to spread your joy! 🙂 Remember, love only multiplies itself as it spreads. 😀 And enjoy it while it lasts – do try to make it last longer. 😀

By hari

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