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The THUNDERBOLT is back!

Okay, okay… I know this post is goanna be really clichéd. Almost every guy/girl with a weblog in his/her name will have passed through this situation. But, not updating your blog on a daily ah… at least in a monthly basis isn’t a crime, is it? When your blog finds no footprints of yours (save… Continue reading

The Inheritance of Loss

Quite an ‘inspiring’ post to adorn your blog with, eh? Well, there is no element of fiction in this one, so to speak. What I’m about to write is an absolutely-authentic account of what happened to me yesterday, the day before my 18th birthday. I might as well put a ‘statutory disclaimer’ right here for… Continue reading

2006: A Video Odyssey

The other day, after a four-hour rendezvous with music, I decided to change tracks and start doing something ‘productive’ (to borrow my dad’s lingo; one which he deliberately adopted post MBA) Considering the long-list of chores, I was supposed to do that day, that was my only choice. I decided to give first preference to… Continue reading

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