Hooray!! This is something I’ve been dying for ever since I started blogging. I got tagged for the FIRST TIME by none other than Mr ഞാന്‍; an ace-blogger-cum-friend whose Malayalam blog actually introduced me to the world of regional language bloggers!

Without further ado, lemme get on with the tag. This one’s about:

  • Posting about 5 different characters you hate.
  • And passing it onto five bloggers!

So here goes (not necessarily in the order of ‘hate’):

  1. Snobs: Everytime I see a snob, I feel like blasting him/her off with a Grenade Launcher, la’ CS! Most snobs live in a fool’s paradise; they might’ve had some exquisitely-endearing face-off with something rewarding sometime in the course of their lives. It could be anything from a wild stroke of luck to sheer talent that they feel puts them in some unique league. It’s easy to identify a snob. They bear these Don’t-ever-talk-to-me, F**k-off attitudes 24×7. Another common trait among snobs is ‘English’. Yeah, they might be exponents in their mother-tongue, but whenever they converse, be it even to the lowest-common-denominator, you’d hear nothing but an appalling imitation of a New York accent! Most snobs tend to wear out their snobbish attitude once the stroke of luck/talent subsides; merely as part of survival instinct. (Hardcore ones still cling on even when they’re out of luck!) Well, once the tables turn in their favour again, they get back in action! Observation: Most snobs are girls! 😐
  2. Perverts: No one’s born pervert. Perverts simply choose to go the path destiny has chosen for them! C’mon, nobody’s perfect and everyone’s a pervert in his own infinitesimally-insignificant way; but still… hardcore perverts are a threat to humanity. The very thought of perversions brings perversive tendencies to my mind, and I desist from further perversions oops, descriptions about perverts! 😛
  3. Smokers/Inebriates: Ever since my dad, a once-upon-a-time chain smoker suffered a near nervous-breakdown in mid-2005, I vowed that I’d never EVER smoke/drink! A bad tiff with intoxicated seniors at college, and an exasperating face-off with a rather ‘candid’ drunkard on train remain firmly etched in my mind everytime some wayward friend offers me a quick ‘drink’! Not that I favour prohibition and stuff; it simply violates the democratic fabric of our country. People should be able to choose between what’s good or bad for them. I have lots of friends who smoke/drink, I have nothing against them personally when I say I ‘hate’ them; it’s just this burning sensation within, rooted from part-concern and part-outrage.
  4. Backstabbers: These persons occupy the lowest and dingiest corners of my shit-list! Especially considering the fact that only a few hours ago, I was beguiled by a few guys who supposedly were my closest buddies . I have nothing against them, they might have their own reasons for outrageously kicking me out of what was OUR dream, but guys: you backstabbed me! The worst among backstabbers are your ‘best-friends’ who leave you when you’re desperately in their need!. In this dog-eat-dog world, it’s the survival of the fittest and some human beings would go unto any levels for survival! Someday, all those backstabbers out there will realize that what goes around comes around…
  5. Show-offs: Show-offs are pretty harmless. Well, if you’re not a person drawn to manic levels of psychosomatic aggression at being subject to the most atrocious of situations; you’d concur too! Be it anything from a flashy Cellular Phone, to a newly acquired piece-of-gossip; show offs simply shout it all out loud. Showing oneself off comes from the gut-urge to establish superiority by flaunting material (or other) possessions. But if the ostentatious display crosses its limit there’s a chance that the whole effort put into the planned sequence might cause adverse reactions. Here’s a real-life story:

There’s this Fruit-wholesaler at my Mom’s native place. He’s essentially a Tamil Nadar, and runs a not-exactly-profitable business. He owns three shops and two second-hand lorries. This guy’s of the same age as my mom and was her classmate at school. One fine morn, Grandfather and I make a quick visit to his place to run some urgent errand. We’re ushered in by the man, beckoning us to help ourselves in the big out-of-place sofas, while strolling airily in his drawing room. He was talking to his Nokia N73 Music Edition in rapid-fire tamil. The man was probably in line to be the first male model for the World Gold Council, with all the ten rings in his fingers and a flashy chain. He’s like:
“Dai, Muthuchaamy! Oru 8 laksham yen account ninne eduthu avanu kondungo! Namukku top-class Lorry pothum, purinjitha?”
Exasperated, we sit idly sifting through the papers for minutes on end. Which was when a “Nokia Tune”, broke in. I checked my phone, it was silent. Grandfather didn’t have a mobile, then whose could it be? Meanwhile, Mr Nadar was walking criss-cross across his room; his ringing phone clutched to his left ear. Nadar was still shouting out orders to an imaginary Muthuchaamy, not realizing that it was his own phone that was ringing! And the dumbass was still trying to show his bloody oversized a** off! I could help burst out laughing, at which he realized his folly and smiled sheepishly at us! :))

And I’m tagging Sindhya Chechi,
Vidya Chechi, Abhijith, Sreejith Ettan & Miss Small Wonder.

By hari

A twenty-something support engineer, web developer, blogger and journalist who makes the web a better place for a living, at Automattic. Immensely passionate about WordPress! Also loves books, music, movies, and drinking hot cups of coffee on rainy evenings. Dreams of writing a book, someday.


  1. Nice list. Very good anecdotes to support ur arguement. I loved th last Muthuchamy dude. I’d also have to take up this tag, but th damn internet connection is so problematic here. :(.

  2. hmmm

    1. i prefer speaking english. i try to do so in college to those people i know speak good english. even otherwise, i try to. a lot of people do the same

    2. au contraire, i think everyone’s a perv, deep inside.

    3. i smoke and drink socially. i don’t think its logical to hate people who do as a whole. and its not just because i do both.

    4. backstabbers, bingo!

    5. lol too many showoffs around. you can’t blame some of them, they’re actually kinda sweet when you get to know them

  3. @Abhi:
    Please do, chetta! I’m sure you’d come up with a good set of answers! 🙂

    1. I prefer Malayalam over English, any day. No offence meant, but most Mallu English speakers are show-offs, as far as I know. (Doesn’t mean you’re one. AFAIK, I’m SURE you ain’t one!) 😛

    2. Maybe. But depicting your perversive tendencies gives you the ‘pervert’ tag! 🙂

    3. Heh. I said I don’t actually hate smokers and drunkards! It loathe the habits coz of the health hazard angle, that’s all. 😀

    4. 🙂

    5. I beg to differ! I know some MEAN show off assholes! They suck bigtime! 😀
    But as you said, there’s always a desert rose that smells sweet… 😀

  4. 1. i’m not qualified to comment on that one. as far as i know, i could very well be one 🙂

    2. ah, that would be very hard to classify. there are people who are pervs on the inside, but act like genuinely nice, non-perverted people

    3. yea, hmmm…that’s there. right now i couldn’t give a fuck about my health though.

    5. amen to that

  5. (I hate popups )

    1. I too prefer to read/write/speak Malayalam whenever wherever possible and sometimes it create problems when I converse with my Mallu friends in front of non-Mallus. I know it is really a bad thing…. trying to correct!!!

    2. I do posses attraction towards the members of opposite sex… I call it natural… or am I a pervert?

    3. I used to smoke 7-8 cigarettes a day till December. Stopped it in one day and these days I smoke “ondemand” (Hint: “cpufrequtils”)

    4. ditto

    5. ditto

    OFF: When you tag, provide the link to the tagged post rather than to the blog!…backlinks 🙂

  6. Hey man !! Another great post from you …

    Really liked d Muthuchaamy episode..

    abt Backstabbing : I’ve seen quite a lot of backstabbers and theppers (as we call them). The worst thing is that you never expect them to do something like that .

    No.3 is a touchy topic for me coz I am a smoker and a social drinker .I know the health hazards of smoking but this is something that I chose to do .And I make sure that I don’t smoke near non smokers to prevent them from inhaling “the deadly fumes”. Abt my health , I do care about it , but right now I just don’t give a damn.
    A great post to sum up da ,

    Now that you’ve tagged me , I would have to take up d responsibilty and post fast . Will do so right after my exams get over . Which would be a month cos of all d “supplis” that I managed to get.

  7. @ഞാന്‍
    1. Bingo! But in front of non-mallus, the effect reverses, per se!

    2. Perversion is NOT mere attraction towards the other sex! It’s a whole lot worse than that! 😛

    3. Ente daivame!! Chettoo… Lungs okke kathi povum, paranjekkam! Maryadaykku vali nirthikko… allengi… Enikku IIT Madras il nalla pidi ondu! Aale vittu thallikkum, paranjekkam! 😛

    Just provided a backlink to your post. 🙂

    @ Abhijith ettan
    Lol! Muthuchaamy was damn funny!
    Theppers must be flogged to death, yes!
    Well, it’s ultimately your choice, bro! But please try to cut down, coz I’ve SEEN my dad suffer!

    All the very best for your exams, btw! Thakarthu padikku! 🙂

  8. eww.. what you said about the snobs is right… they speak English as if the people surrounding them dont know what that language is! They dont know how to talk practically and decently, it’s just bling… This kinda phase comes at some point but most people dump it in a short time and move on.

    but some chose to stay with it :\

    Yeah, and you were right about the girls 🙂

    btw, this is Sriram, just passed out from loyola 😀

  9. Hehe…

    Speaking of which, I saw a classmate of yours the other day marching to CCD with a cute gal by the side; chattering non-stop in *accented* English! Despite having seen me, he didn’t even flick his eyebrow in recognition! 😉 True blue snobbishness, eh?

    Yeah, I got you, dude! 🙂 Been a long time, eh? 😀

  10. classmate, eh? I’m too depressed to think now… what with results and stuff.

    btw, kindly contribute to the meagre footfalls in my blog 😀

  11. Hehe… Never mind buddy. Happens all the time!

    About the meagre footfalls: Grossest understatement ever! Your blog rocks, dude! Makes my puny repertoire of ramblings look like a piece of shit!

  12. *warm feeling inside*
    Wow, first time anyone has paid my blog such a comment… and I’m serious.

    Thanks a lot, bruda… drop in often 🙂

  13. Hey Hari.. just now saw that you had tagged me.. well I never knew 😉 .. that was until I came to this page.. must have missed it.. or most probably deleted it without reading.. I think I have received many mails saying ‘You have been tagged’.. I never knew it was something to be responded to.. thought it was yet-another-invitation to a new social networking site..

    Anyway it looks like a nice way of creating a topic if you don’t have one already 🙂

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