I ought to do a tag a month,now! Tags are  refreshing and rejuvenating! 😛 So I stole this one from Sriram! 😉 Nothing special, I just have to answer a few questions this time – new readers will know a lot about me from this post. Old ones might already know a lot, but just… Continue reading Hundred!!

Confessions of a red pill chooser!

I’m going through the worst of times! True to my ‘Jathakam’, things’ve been topsy turvy, at the best! But thanks to Thomman (a celebrity blogger -cum- senior at school), yesterday turned out to be a fantastic day! For he lifted up my moods with this award-cum-tag! 🙂 The award ‘declaration’ goes like this: “This award… Continue reading Confessions of a red pill chooser!


Leaves fall from the boughs of that tall tree, Not the ones green, fresh & filled with nature’s ardour, But the leaves of time, whose fall Goes on & on, till the end of eternity… But every year, as the twelfth month dies, It comes, commemorating a sweet memory, Of something, the birth of a… Continue reading THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS

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