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Hari Shanker R

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

The 5 addictions of my life…

I’ve been a lifelong addict, so when I got a tag asking me to list all those addictions from Cris, I couldn’t resist! 🙂 I know it’s pretty gross after a series of ‘personal’ posts, but yeah, I’ll try to make it attractive. 😀 1) Computers/Internet: My first love! I used to surf the net… Continue reading

Puppies, chocolates and love… a tag!

When I saw this tag in GWBE‘s blog, I couldn’t help suppress a shriek of joy and surprise! Turns out that I was blogging on a similar topic right here. The tag was SO endearing (perhaps, due to GWBE‘s un-put-downable style) that I thought I’d chuck the post I was working on, and do this… Continue reading

I Am Legend!

Apologies for the cheesy title! But I’m so mad about the movie and so big a fan of Will Smith that I wanted to use the name as the title of this post, where I’m taking up Nitin’s tag. (Two tags at a stretch… whew!) You’ll know why I used the movie name in a… Continue reading


So I’m tagged once again by Abhi chettan (and later by mea culpa). This time, it’s the unique ‘quote’ tag. I fell in love with this one when I chanced on it in three ‘celebrity’ blogs, namely Silverine‘s, Mathew‘s and Thomas Chettan‘s blogs. And I loved all their quotes! Even though Mathew tacitly allowed me… Continue reading

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