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The Blogger’s block!

Courtesy: XKCD

That’s precisely how blogging makes you a geek! Wannabe bloggers beware!! It’s big bad blogosphere out there!!:-)

[The title of this post is ripped off Akhil‘s(senior-at-college cum fellow-blogger cum great-friend) erstwhile blog.’Blogger’s block’ doesn’t have anything to do with ‘Writer’s block’. It’s a different terminology altogether. Don’t ask me what it means!
And yeah, if you’re a sci-fi enthusiast and you liked this one, I strongly reccomend XKCD to you!! :-)]


  1. Hari Vishnu

    xkcd comics rock!!! been a fan of it for a looong time!!! i even tried my own hand at comics after seeing the guy, but ofcourse it dint go too long (u can check out one of my earlier posts)..

  2. ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~

    Netil vere pani ille engenethe dussheelam okke vannu pedum!

    That’s what ur mom or dad would have told u! but still i couldn’t understand some jokes, call me aged or whatever, but still i’m a paavam mallu who doesn’t understand the nuances of the HOT-SHOT WWW.

  3. @nuP

    Well i had never heard of XKCD before, ignorant me! 🙂 but now i know. thanx to you hari. loved many, but as abhi chettan said, some had too many ‘parameters’! Omg, i’m turning into an xkcd-ian!!!

    And 700MB of xkcd comics? Gawd!

  4. Hari Shanker

    @ Abhi:
    Hehe… Enthokke paranjaalum XKCD is the best!! 😀 Ellaam paranja pole tech & computers ine pattiyulla info alla… 🙂 Kore sci fi um undu!

    @ anup:
    🙂 Welcome to the club! 😀 I too didn’t understand *everything*, per se. But still most are good! 😀


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