The Blogger’s block!

Courtesy: XKCD

That’s precisely how blogging makes you a geek! Wannabe bloggers beware!! It’s big bad blogosphere out there!!:-)

[The title of this post is ripped off Akhil‘s(senior-at-college cum fellow-blogger cum great-friend) erstwhile blog.’Blogger’s block’ doesn’t have anything to do with ‘Writer’s block’. It’s a different terminology altogether. Don’t ask me what it means!
And yeah, if you’re a sci-fi enthusiast and you liked this one, I strongly reccomend XKCD to you!! :-)]

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  1. xkcd comics rock!!! been a fan of it for a looong time!!! i even tried my own hand at comics after seeing the guy, but ofcourse it dint go too long (u can check out one of my earlier posts)..

  2. Netil vere pani ille engenethe dussheelam okke vannu pedum!

    That’s what ur mom or dad would have told u! but still i couldn’t understand some jokes, call me aged or whatever, but still i’m a paavam mallu who doesn’t understand the nuances of the HOT-SHOT WWW.

  3. Well i had never heard of XKCD before, ignorant me! 🙂 but now i know. thanx to you hari. loved many, but as abhi chettan said, some had too many ‘parameters’! Omg, i’m turning into an xkcd-ian!!!

    And 700MB of xkcd comics? Gawd!

  4. @ Abhi:
    Hehe… Enthokke paranjaalum XKCD is the best!! 😀 Ellaam paranja pole tech & computers ine pattiyulla info alla… 🙂 Kore sci fi um undu!

    @ anup:
    🙂 Welcome to the club! 😀 I too didn’t understand *everything*, per se. But still most are good! 😀

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