Snubbed out!

“കു***”! Jithin swore, precisely for the 23’rd time that day. Two years back, he would have flinched and even involuntarily pressed his palms onto his ears on hearing the same expletive in Malayalam that took a momentous dig (if you will pardon the sleazy pun) at the male genital organ. But two years is all it takes to expose a failed engineering student like Jithin to a world of abuses, not to mention other appallingly-sordid facets of life. As he took a last look at his ‘Production Drawing’ answer sheet while unscrewing his Mini-drafter from the drawing board; he dejectedly-realized that he was going to flunk this paper (once his strong point, evident by the 85% sessional marks he had secured for the paper) as miserably as the two previous ones in his fourth semester B.Tech degree exam. His hapless participation in the drinking binge last night thanks to Nikhil’s assurance that it would be the best way to kill stress; had left him dreary-eyed and groggy all day. He couldn’t even remember how many shots of Vodka he had treated himself to the previous night; let alone the once-well-practiced drawings. As he gingerly stepped out of the exam hall after handing over his sheet to the examiner almost an hour before time, he cursed the moment he chose ‘Mechanical Production’ at ABC College of Engineering. He cursed Nikhil, his roomie at the WXYZ hostel who ruined his life with alcohol, smoking and occasional shots of ganja. He cursed his fate as he boarded the bus to ‘Statue Junction’, a stone’s throw from his hostel.

Jithin heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the 5 lever Godrej Padlock on his room-door. His roomie was elsewhere, and probably he wouldn’t be back by night. Fishing his key from underneath the layers of grime and dust in one of the recesses of his dilapidated bag, he let himself in and flopped onto the bed, trying to drown his sorrows in a sound sleep. Although he was dog tired, he couldn’t catch a wink. Memories on the train wreck of his life recurred every other moment, making him toss and turn in his bed. His room-mate, he realized, was singularly responsible for his downfall. Nikhil, a final year student at MNOP Engineering college was a gone case. Though he argued otherwise, the rumor mill had it that Nikhil was yet to pass a paper in his four years of Engineering life! God alone knows how he managed to survive in a strict private college with such impunity! Rarely did one see Nikhil by himself; for he would either be on a ganga-inflicted-low or a Vodka-induced-high. He forcibly made Jithin smoke his first joint in the wee days of the first year. From then on, Jithin graduated to Vodka, whiskey and even Ganja. He enjoyed the whole damn thing first. He would brag about how 6 consecutive Vodka shots left him unscathed and fully-conscious. He would freak out the girls in his class by blowing into their face fresh from a binge, leaving a lingering stench of alcohol and ‘Wills’. By the time dismal exam results jolted Jithin awake, it was way too late. He tried, nevertheless, and did succeed to some extent, with reasonable marks in some papers. But the ‘celebrations’ that followed every such achievement made sure he was back to square one, everytime.

It was about 6 in the evening when Jithin got himself out of the bed and opened his books. He had a ‘Mechanics of Solids’ supplementary exam the next day and had willed himself to secure neat marks. Somehow he got himself to remain seated in front of his study table for over three hours when that sharp rap on the door zapped him back to reality. Nikhil had returned. Unventing his frustration with another set of choicest swear words, he unbolted and opened the door and saw that oval sized, head, supported by a burly 5’9”, 78 kilo frame he’d learned to hate. As Nikhil barged in, a whiff of whisky and ganja pierced the room’s calm environment like a shrapnel piercing a soldiers chest. His bloodshot, uncoordinated eyes tried hard to focus on Jithin’s face while he mumbled in his burly voice:

Was at the bar with Mathew’s gang.”

So what should I do? Stand upside down and dance? Do whatever you want!”, replied Jithin, unnerved on having his studies disrupted.

Chill, dude! What’s the issue? Got exams tomorrow eh? Guess what, I too have some crap exam tomorrow. But I don’t give a bloody damn!”

Duh! As if you’ve learned everything already! Have you EVER studied for an exam in B.Tech?”

Umm… nice question. But I..*hic*… I think I have. Forgot whi…*hic*”

Cut the crap, and allow me to mug something up for tomorrow.”

Okay, whatever. And I’m goanna get something to fill my tummy. You hungry?”

Not at all! Just f**k off!”

I’ll be in Roshan’s room, munching some neat chicken 65, while you cram all that shit up! Bye.”

Nikhil sauntered off the room, slamming the door behind him and Jithin got back to his books. But he couldn’t concentrate this time. Nikhil’s arrival had destroyed both his confidence and his concentration. With time, he realized that he needed a giant help from God to clear the exam due next day. Eventually, he got so pissed off that he decided that a meal followed by a drink won’t be a bad idea. After all, he was yet to eat a morsel that day since breakfast.

Roshan’s door was open as he approached it. Nikhil and Roshan were gobbling up giant pieces from plates with steamy ‘parotta’ and chicken fry. Briefly acknowledging Jithin, Roshan beckoned him to sit down and help himself. The sight of steamy food trebled Jithin’s appettite. Without further ado, he joined his friends. Fifteen minutes later, all three of them were burping loud, their appetite satisfied. Jithin then quietly announced to his roomie:

Dude, I want a drink.”
F**k man! You should’ve told me before. Nothing’s left here.”
We’ll go to the bar. I’ve got money. Badly tensed, coz of tomorrow’s exam!”

Roshan supported Jithin’s decision.

Try Vodka. It’s the best way to kill stress. I was totally high the night before last year’s SSD exam and I got bloody 68 for the university.”

Okie-dokie. I too wanna kick some ass. Make sure you have..*hic* the money. I don’t have a pie.” agreed Nikhil.

But how do we go? The bar’s many kilometers away na?”

Don’t worry bud…*hic*… Got a bike with me. Let’s hit the road and burn some rubber!”

They hobbled towards the hostel shed from where Nikhil fished out a Pulsar. However drunk Nikhil was, he always had himself under control. Now that’s what awed Jithin. This dude would gulp six large pegs at a stretch and still remain steady on his feet, let alone throw up. Jithin himself would puke at the fourth peg, though he never acknowledged the fact. Aware of this, Jithin didn’t p
rotest when he was offered a pillion seat in the 2005 model Pulsar 150. As they roared past the hostel, he noticed the speedometer touch 60. He had never seen Jithin use this one before.

Your bike?”, Jithin inquired.

Kinda. Stole it from the beach last night.” Nikhil chuckled.


Shut the f**k up, if you don’t wanna get kicked off”

His words were drowned by the deafening noise of the Pulsar engine. They had almost touched hundred as they literally flew through the almost-empty roads of Trivandrum city dodging Indicas and Trucks. All of a sudden, Jithin felt the bike swerve towards the left. As they took a 90 degree turn towards a by-lane, Jithin forcibly shut his eyes in fear.

He would never open them again.

Image Courtesy: Denmar

All major Malayalam newspapers had the news clipping in their front page. The accident was too gruesome and ‘sensational’ to ignore. A policeman on night-patrol was witness to the entire incident. He saw a Pulsar swerve at breakneck speed towards a by-lane. It skidded, negotiating the curve and hit a post, throwing its passengers away. The boy riding pillion flew and hit another neighboring post; his head smashed into pulp, killing him instantly. The other guy too suffered terrible injuries which proved fatal by the time he was brought to the Medical College.

Jithin’s dad couldn’t get himself to sign the form so as to obtain the dead body. His hands were quivering like a tuning fork in resonance. He couldn’t digest the news. Nikhil’s uncle represented his family; his mom and dad couldn’t cope with the news. He was shocked at the unprecedented alcohol levels in his blood. The bike too proved a mystery, for Nikhil didn’t own one! Their friends had crowded around the hospital all day, doing whatever they could to help out. They didn’t allow anyone to see the bodies, for Roshan, a habitually bold guy, fainted at the very sight of Jithin’s smashed head.

The News reporter who was the first to ‘scoop’ this news to his 24×7 news channel shrugged at all the pandemonium: “I’ve seen worse.”, he muttered.

[Based on a true incident. Names and some details are fictitious. Details courtesy: Prasanth, who happens to be the real-life-Jithin’s batchmate @ college.]

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  1. A life thrown away.
    The latest Business India has this statistic:
    8 out of 10 students who stay in hostels take to alcohol as against
    4 out of 10 who stay at home.
    A colleague of my husband lost a son due to drunken driving too.It was in all major news channels on TV.I had blogged about it too.

  2. Hamari to hoga! I didn’t really read through the lines, but that’s a wonderful narrative.

    Aap kaise hain? Aur tum meri Hindi nahin?

  3. unscrewing his T-Scale????

    From when did T-Scales have screws in them to fix to the board?

    FACTUAL ERRROR! Arinjudaathe paniye kurichu ezhuthaan pokaruthe! 🙂

    I’d say life is something too special to be wasted on something like alcohol or drugs. One should enjoy life, should try anything and everything atleast once, but then letting yourself being controlled by the enjoyment’s isn’t something that’s really enjoyable. I’ll support that driving is a sport, it’s a pleasure to me and it’s a great stress reliever, many a days i’ve just taken my bike for a spin after a fight with my dad or my girlfriend and found the pain to ooze off! But then as the Traffic Police ad’s say Don’t mix Drinks and Driving.

    Nicely written da!

  4. Good narration bro…

    Damn.. is this what I have to face in about a month’s time? People forcing me to smoke and take drugs?

    And recently I noticed that I’ve mysteriously become allergic to cig-smoke also, which results in a massive headache. Not due to the passing-by whiff, but the kind of thing you experience when you sit with someone who is smoking, or in a room where someone has smoked. The headache I get when exposed to such 2nd hand smoke is numbing. This has come only recently :\

  5. Excellent narration…
    A life wasted for sheer peer pressure and momentary pleasure.
    I feel sorry for the parents who would have never expected their sons to go astray like this.
    This is true, hostel life and peer pressure can make you vulnerable, especially when you stay out of home. The newly acquired sense of freedom and the adventurous spirit can be a deadly combination.

    From personal experience I’d rather say, Learn to say a NO whenever necessary or else life can lead you to situations like this.

  6. @ ps:
    Are you serious about the stats? Sounds *REAL* scary! Eek!!

    @ the castle of the winter:
    Erm, what was that, again? 😛 Forgive my terrible Hindi, but I quite didn’t get you. 😀

    @ Abhi:
    LOL, guess what I can be real dumb at times!! I’ve corrected the error! *sheepish grin*.

    Driving is fun alright. But often the fun is derived from drinks and that kills people
    (Btw, I was serious about that fainted-guy. It happened. The body was SO dismembered. Period)

    @ sriram:
    Not really man. Stuff like this happens in the hostels only. But yeah, I have to admit that half the guys in my batch @ college drink/smoke. 😐

    I’m allergic to smoke too! It gives me the creeps.

    @ jj:
    Thanks, sis. I concur. Actually I wrote this post to prove my lifetime teetotaller-cum-non-smoker credo! 🙂

  7. wow!beautifully written…but so sad to know that it really did happen… and screww…:P

  8. hmm.. wat to seen some cases like this.. one of my own friends in collg dead in a car accident.. dont want to describe it more.. a life thrown away, like ps said, in alcohol and smoke.. even worse to kno ur post was also a real story..

    and yea nice narrative style too..

  9. @ Neethu:
    Every genius has his share of mistakes! 😛 And thanks for the compliment. 😀

    @ hari vishnu:
    I’ve heard about your classmate. Sad case, really. 🙁 Wasn’t ‘Raagam 08’ kinda ‘muted’ coz of that death?
    Thanks, man. I’d consider it an honour if someone would actually quit smoking/drinking after reading this post.

    @ mea culpa:
    Hehe… Suspense is always good.
    Thanks for dropping by! 😀

  10. man i ve alwys been a big tym fan f ur narration….but this one here…sumhow it lacks many lil things at many diffrnt places…n de heart of this post isnt at de ryt place to strt with…..dun ask me wot tht meant,…but i hav seen u do better…

  11. @ alan:
    Finally, a criticism! Whee!!
    You’re right man. I did it all in a hurry, and I could have done better. Will be careful the next time. 😀

  12. I started reading, thinking it was fiction. And was beginning to appreciate your narrative skills. I was thinking it is so easy to keep reading if someone wrote like this. And thats when I saw all this was based on a real incident. I wish it was just fiction…

    When you read about 2 drunk or about-to-be-drunk rash bike riders getting killed, you shake your head and think why do young people keep doing the same thing. And forget about it. But when you just peek through a few moments of their life, you get a slight glimpse of the kind of loss their dear ones have to go through…

  13. That’s real sad. I never thought Trivandrum would have a story like that to tell.
    But, I guess the facts about smoking/drinking/drugging hold true regardless of city/college.

  14. that is very much an attack on drinkers nad smokers I suppose.
    But really was it down to drinking or driving after drinking???I believe it is the latter one.

    Drinking or smoking is very much a personal affair as long as it doesnt interfere with others.
    But I believe drinkers and smokers should be reasonable enough. They should have enough maturity to understand what they are doing,,,,,

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