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Everyone has his ‘busy’ phase in life.

I too had one. I was busy with ‘Aagneya‘, the intercollegiate fest by my college. Busy as in, I devoted my mind and soul for the fest! Being one among the coordinators, I was going through a harrowing phase which culminated in a certain amount of ‘Euphoria‘, only to leave me tired, haggard, and sick. Physical inablity is a very bad thing, and I was rendered blank, quite literally. I couldn’t process thoughts, and I was left mostly paranoid. Only recreations were movies. Thanks to Torrent, I sifted through an eclectic collection, which perhaps opened my mind. Movies are therapeutic at times, yes!

So here, I’m back. I return, with a post on the fest of my life! Aagneya! 🙂
Until then, adios! 😀

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