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Seminar on Blogging @ FOSSMeet 2009

I’ve been invited to do a talk on blogging at FOSSMeet, which starts today at NIT Calicut.

And I’ve readily accepted the invitation!

FOSSMeet is an event that salutes the spirit of Freedom and innovation. It calls for people who are doyens in free software and tries to bring them together to promote a noble cause. It’s an event of huge repute. Last time, Kiruba Shankar did an interesting session on blogging. This time, they’ve chosen another Shanker for the same! 😛

My topic is: Blog On! (Blogging Demystified)

Do try to attend and get enlightened! 🙂


  1. ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~

    Way to go macha! Hope you rock the NITC crowd and make sure they didn’t call u just coz ur another Shanker on the block. All the very best 🙂

  2. Hari

    @ Sriram:
    Thanks buddy! 🙂 Well, CET has its stuff… 😉 Just keep looking

    @ Abhilash Sir:
    Thank you, sir! 😀

    @ Abhi:
    Thanks bro! My talk ain’t started yet. I hope I do well. 😀

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