An expert’s take on Satyam, Infy and the like…

A friend of mine – a budding entrepreneur, recently mailed me his frank assessment ofย  today’s IT sector. He’s been working with the who’s who in the industry for over a year now. He’s read the diverse comments on my Infosys and thought he’d have his opinion here. This is what he has to say:

1) None of the IT companies are out there to do social service. They do it to make money and have every right to do so. They may ask the employees to work 12-14 hours a day, if situation demands – and they have every right to do that. Why else should they hire a production engineering student and put him in front of a computer “coding”? Makes sense?

2) Ramalinga Raju should definitely be punished for what he did. However, why is it that people pick on only private companies? How many of them realize that there is “corruption” on a larger scale in our government? Why is it that no one else is held responsible. Mr. Ramalinga raju could have very well hidden facts the way he did all this while. And when he did apologise and accept his mistake – the Sensex crashed and people started blaming him! How many politicians have done more heinous acts? Why is it that none of them have the balls to come out in public?

3) Indian IT industry survives on outsourcing. We have so many “thriving” companies only because the cost of living here is lower and hence we can provide services at a cheaper rate. And when the main clients in US are affected by the global meltdown, how can you expect the companies to spend the same way it used to?

Having heard that from the horse’s mouth, I feel the guy has a point. What do you have to say? Shout it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

By hari

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  1. Ivide onnum nannavaan ponilla.

    I don’t say that Raju was a sheep and he should be left alone, he should be punished and punished badly. 1000’s lost their life savings when Satyam went down the drain and he wasn’t any HERO when he went on record and accepted the fraud.

    Pinne even if the companies do something to get their names on the papers in the name of CSR, but one has to see the point that they DO something. Don’t they? Rather than being like the 100’s of so called PSU’s which emit large amounts of smoke and harmful chemicals into the air while saying that they are all GOVT agencies. I work in one such company, which says to the world that they’re servicing the poorest farmers in the country, but they don’t do it for free, while raking in the huge subsidies from the govt and artificially showing huge profits in the books. My company does it and so do the other PSU’s and all the behemoth corporations in the world. They all cook their books, either to please shareholders or to please the govt’s. No one can do anything for free, no one can.

    Remember the adage; NO FREE LUNCH. So if someone’s giving you a free lunch, just think that there’s a catch. There always is.

  2. Good one. Nothing comes free. Even if it is for social service, you cannot give something from an empty bowl! Unless your bowl is full you cannot even think of donating/helping others!

  3. i agree totally.. IT companies are businesses, not charity organizations (no offense ๐Ÿ™‚ ).. so they will definitely keep optimizing their recruitment to keep alive.. and with the global recession, u can never blame them..

    its amazing that despite the global meltdown, some of the only companies still recruiting in the IT sector seem to be from India.. i dunno about infy’s recruitment, but a few indian companies here and there, including wipro, have tried not to just lay off and continue recruiting..

  4. nice post da.keep blogging. i am not able to check out blogs these days as blogger is blocked in our company.

  5. yea..true…corruption in govt offices often go unnoticed.or rather ppl choose to do so. What can we do about it???

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