Life and times of a Fake IPL Player

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Are u ready, sit down,
Let me tell you a lil story,
’bout 2 cool cats,
yeah, BubLee aur Babli,
comin’ at an angle,
that they hotter than the rest,
when ya look at them,
them do pass the test.

Don’ t look back,
He’ s comin’ into attack,
He’ s takin’ it side by side,
He’ s takin’ it front to back,
He’ s takin’ it all around the world,
Never, never will he stop this

Deja vu? No I didn’t plagiarize these lines from the “Are you ready” song from Bunty Aur Babli, but Fake IPL Player did. The hottest new kid in the blogosphere, Fake IPL Player is a self-proclaimed ‘Kolkata Knight Rider‘ who is determined to provide an inside scoop into the goings on of IPL. And he’s not doing a bad job, really!

The blog is in fact a great read. The dude has an acerbic sense of humour and goes on kicking quite a lot of ass! We have inventive names for the players, including a Phoren baba, Kishen Kanhaiyya, Mr. Batlivala, Big Sister, Sheikh of Tweak, Little Monster,  and Prince Charles of Patiala. There are brutally unkind references to the ‘megalomaniac star owner’ of Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan. Our IPL guy goes on to name him ‘Baadshah Di!d0’! 😛 The guy looks like one pissed dude!!

There are no clues whatsoever as to who this Fake IPL Player actually is. I don’t think it’s a publicity stunt by the team, for, no team would ever want to sling mud on itself… Poor ol’ SRK (and his sexuality) is bashed up bigtime in here, as a matter of fact! Our blogger, who began on a humble note, now seems to be to bask in the wine of his popularity and often refers to himself as the ‘Lord of the ring’.

But frankly,  I don’t think the guy’s an insider. I feel it’s some third party blogger who gets some scoop from some IPL player. Or perhaps, the stuff written in the blog could be sheer bullshit!  Did anyone notice the disclaimer about the content being fake on the bottom of that blog? I think it’s pretty much true. 😉 Btw, FakeIPL now has over 2100 followers, and the latest post has a staggering 1400+ comments! Whoa! 🙂

Anyways, the blog drives home one point. Blogging is here to stay, and it is one among the biggest ways to express yourself. 😀
Three cheers to the IPL Blogger!

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  1. yea fakeipl truly is creating waves.. he probably really is fake, but it makes an awesome read if u imagine him to be a real player, wen he talks about the teams attempts to fish out the culprit, etc etc :)..

    theres also this blog by a RCB cheerleader which is making waves.. apparently, ipl sells everywhere, even the blogosphere.. hmm maybe i shud pose as some IPL commentator and start off a fake one to get my queue of followers :)..

  2. I too feel he’s false, cause the stuff he writes is in a way too good to be from a cricketer’s pad! AND yeah, as you say, he makes good fiction, if you see it in that angle! 😛

    I saw the RCB cheerleader too! Good one. 🙂

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