Hari Shanker R

Hari Shanker R

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic.


Finally, a new member enters our household! She moves, she entertains, she laughs, whines and what-not! Such a cute li’l baby she is! Now that was an understatement; a gross one, so to speak. Naah, my mom didn’t give birth to a sis. (Sigh!! But she’s past menopause and dad isn’t too ..erm.. interested. But… Continue reading

LINKed In!

The other day I was busy explaining a rather complex C program to a few (female) classmates during lunch break at college, when I was called by seniors. Sindhya Kartha, the IEEE Chairperson of our college, in her trademark husky-voice, informed me that I was ‘selected’(or rather, unanimously-nominated! :D) the LINK representative of IEEE from… Continue reading

A Survivor’s Story…

If you’re a news junkie, I bet you are so accustomed to seeing news reports about flash floods, tsunamis et al, that you discreetly say to yourself “There goes one again.” when you see one such report. You tend to accept these ravaging acts of nature with a good dose of complacency. So, when someone… Continue reading

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