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Dork, Robin ‘Einstien’ Varghese, Sidin Vadukut and A review!

When a pro-blogger like Sidin writes a book, he’s bound by the collective yoke of expectations. History proves that in most cases, such expectations about the ‘authorati’ tend to dissappoint readers to a great extent – Dan Brown’s latest being a case in the point. But Sidin has bashed all his critics in style with… Continue reading

Zero Percentile: Missed IIT, Kissed Russia – Review

It’s a tough time for new authors. There’s always inevitable comparison with India’s favourite (controversy-ridden) ‘youth icon’ author. Every young author, fresh-out-of-college, publishing his first book, tends to bear the brunt of this obnoxious comparison, not to mention being shunned by a discerning lot of  ‘intellectual’ readers with a ‘mediocre’ tag. Neeraj Chhibba seems to… Continue reading

Two States by Chetan Bhagat – A review

Three books and one movie strong, Chetan Bhagat has indeed become a name to reckon with. More than a youth icon, he’s become a celebrity himself. Fact is, it actually took him three years to graduate to being a full-time writer. And with each book, he’s improved a lot. A hell lot, I’d say. ‘Two… Continue reading

“The Three Mistakes of my life”

Image Courtesy: http://www.chetanbhagat.com I simply adore Chetan Bhagat! Of course, the way he narrates is a tad verbose and his lines aren’t exactly page-turning; not to mention countless expletives that adorn the pages of his bestselling books ‘Five Point Someone’ and ‘One Night @ The Call Center’. But there’s something that carves a niche for… Continue reading

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