Hari Shanker R

Hari Shanker R

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

Shifting from Blogger to WordPress

WordPress is an awesome content management platform! It’s easy, dynamic, customizable and user-friendly – especially for bloggers most of who aren’t familiar with the nuances of PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript and other ingredients for web publishing. More and more people are realizing the power of this dynamic content management platform and are yearning to move over… Continue reading


Disclaimer: Prior knowledge of Malayalam (മലയാളം), or rather,its roman variant known as ‘Manglish’ in common parlance, is suggested in order to decipher the contents of this post. Excerpts from a GTalk conversation: One fine evening, the world was going as placidly about its ways, while I was killing time online. Like bolt from the blue,… Continue reading

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