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Hooray!! This is something I’ve been dying for ever since I started blogging. I got tagged for the FIRST TIME by none other than Mr ഞാന്‍; an ace-blogger-cum-friend whose Malayalam blog actually introduced me to the world of regional language bloggers!

Without further ado, lemme get on with the tag. This one’s about:

  • Posting about 5 different characters you hate.
  • And passing it onto five bloggers!

So here goes (not necessarily in the order of ‘hate’):

  1. Snobs: Everytime I see a snob, I feel like blasting him/her off with a Grenade Launcher, la’ CS! Most snobs live in a fool’s paradise; they might’ve had some exquisitely-endearing face-off with something rewarding sometime in the course of their lives. It could be anything from a wild stroke of luck to sheer talent that they feel puts them in some unique league. It’s easy to identify a snob. They bear these Don’t-ever-talk-to-me, F**k-off attitudes 24×7. Another common trait among snobs is ‘English’. Yeah, they might be exponents in their mother-tongue, but whenever they converse, be it even to the lowest-common-denominator, you’d hear nothing but an appalling imitation of a New York accent! Most snobs tend to wear out their snobbish attitude once the stroke of luck/talent subsides; merely as part of survival instinct. (Hardcore ones still cling on even when they’re out of luck!) Well, once the tables turn in their favour again, they get back in action! Observation: Most snobs are girls! 😐
  2. Perverts: No one’s born pervert. Perverts simply choose to go the path destiny has chosen for them! C’mon, nobody’s perfect and everyone’s a pervert in his own infinitesimally-insignificant way; but still… hardcore perverts are a threat to humanity. The very thought of perversions brings perversive tendencies to my mind, and I desist from further perversions oops, descriptions about perverts! 😛
  3. Smokers/Inebriates: Ever since my dad, a once-upon-a-time chain smoker suffered a near nervous-breakdown in mid-2005, I vowed that I’d never EVER smoke/drink! A bad tiff with intoxicated seniors at college, and an exasperating face-off with a rather ‘candid’ drunkard on train remain firmly etched in my mind everytime some wayward friend offers me a quick ‘drink’! Not that I favour prohibition and stuff; it simply violates the democratic fabric of our country. People should be able to choose between what’s good or bad for them. I have lots of friends who smoke/drink, I have nothing against them personally when I say I ‘hate’ them; it’s just this burning sensation within, rooted from part-concern and part-outrage.
  4. Backstabbers: These persons occupy the lowest and dingiest corners of my shit-list! Especially considering the fact that only a few hours ago, I was beguiled by a few guys who supposedly were my closest buddies . I have nothing against them, they might have their own reasons for outrageously kicking me out of what was OUR dream, but guys: you backstabbed me! The worst among backstabbers are your ‘best-friends’ who leave you when you’re desperately in their need!. In this dog-eat-dog world, it’s the survival of the fittest and some human beings would go unto any levels for survival! Someday, all those backstabbers out there will realize that what goes around comes around…
  5. Show-offs: Show-offs are pretty harmless. Well, if you’re not a person drawn to manic levels of psychosomatic aggression at being subject to the most atrocious of situations; you’d concur too! Be it anything from a flashy Cellular Phone, to a newly acquired piece-of-gossip; show offs simply shout it all out loud. Showing oneself off comes from the gut-urge to establish superiority by flaunting material (or other) possessions. But if the ostentatious display crosses its limit there’s a chance that the whole effort put into the planned sequence might cause adverse reactions. Here’s a real-life story:

There’s this Fruit-wholesaler at my Mom’s native place. He’s essentially a Tamil Nadar, and runs a not-exactly-profitable business. He owns three shops and two second-hand lorries. This guy’s of the same age as my mom and was her classmate at school. One fine morn, Grandfather and I make a quick visit to his place to run some urgent errand. We’re ushered in by the man, beckoning us to help ourselves in the big out-of-place sofas, while strolling airily in his drawing room. He was talking to his Nokia N73 Music Edition in rapid-fire tamil. The man was probably in line to be the first male model for the World Gold Council, with all the ten rings in his fingers and a flashy chain. He’s like:
“Dai, Muthuchaamy! Oru 8 laksham yen account ninne eduthu avanu kondungo! Namukku top-class Lorry pothum, purinjitha?”
Exasperated, we sit idly sifting through the papers for minutes on end. Which was when a “Nokia Tune”, broke in. I checked my phone, it was silent. Grandfather didn’t have a mobile, then whose could it be? Meanwhile, Mr Nadar was walking criss-cross across his room; his ringing phone clutched to his left ear. Nadar was still shouting out orders to an imaginary Muthuchaamy, not realizing that it was his own phone that was ringing! And the dumbass was still trying to show his bloody oversized a** off! I could help burst out laughing, at which he realized his folly and smiled sheepishly at us! :))

And I’m tagging Sindhya Chechi,
Vidya Chechi, Abhijith, Sreejith Ettan & Miss Small Wonder.

Life Musings

Confessions of a mediocre student

Before you read this post, ask the following questions to yourself:

Have you ever:

  • Watched five movies back-to-back?
  • Sat all day long, a book before you, gaping aimlessly at the fan?
  • Dreamt about certain poignant issues ranging from the meaning of life to chaos theory for hours on end?
  • Sat in front of the PC for forty eight hours straight?
  • Chatted on the phone for eight hours, non-stop?

    “Oh, duh! Part-of-a-teenager’s-life questions. Why AM I reading through this piece of shit?”

    Aw, C’mon. I can read your mind. It’s no telepathy; just common-sense. Well, some of you might’ve done at least one among these (or variations), at some point in your life, haven’t you? What’s so big, you think.

    Let me rephrase my question(s).

    Have you done all these, the day before your board/university exam?

    I have. Period.

    Did you just flinch/cock-up-an-eyebrow/use-the-F-word? No surprises again, that too was elementary. Unless, of course, you’re a slacker like me. If so, welcome to the club! You have company, my friend.

    I had a sunny side to my life, long back at school. At that time, I used to dutifully learn the day’s portions by rote, spending hours in front of the text; memorizing pages of info written in mostly-unintelligible lingo. But as time passed, as I grew into an ‘angry’ young man; I began to feel an off-key note among all this. What’s the bloody point? Typical teenager cynicism. An impressive performance in my tenth boards without much effort left me in fool’s paradise. Eventually, I developed a steady hate for written exams. By the time I passed twelfth (with a measly 82%, without studying a thing, again) and secured admission to GEC Barton Hill, the damage was more or less complete.

    First series exams. Okay, I did well for Maths, but scored pathetically for other papers: failing in one. Second series: Pass:fail = 7:2. Third series Pass:Fail 5:4. After every exam result, I’d cultivate a certain controlled-remorse, partly as a facade to shield parents’ wrath, partly to do well again. It would last maybe for a week, God forbid. Then came the University Exams with a month and a half long “Study” leave. I devised rather innovative ways to skip studies; reading non-fiction/fiction/periodicals/newspapers, watching movies et al. Not a SINGLE minute studying (even on the eve of the exam, so to speak)! Well, first year exams went by in a breeze. The results weren’t much shocking. Three f***ing backpapers for Physics, Chemistry and Electronics. Exactly, as I’d expected.

    Today, many-a-university (and hopefully, not many-a-backpaper: the results of my third semester exams are still in the pipeline) later, I stand as remorseless as ever after my first series in s4. Though I have faith in passing at least four papers this time, I doubt my study skills. It’s indeed been a while since I focussed my mind and learned something, academically speaking, that is. The sore point in the whole issue is the fits of anger that ensue within me when I see the sardonic glances of guys and gals, evidently dumber than myself, when they score 80%s at the universities! Ironically, I ignore all of them and move on with my uneventful life, choosing not to ‘work’ like them!

    Will I have a redemption? Hopefully. I’m trying Yoga and Meditation.

    To all those who’ve mocked me during my academic-lows:
    Yeah, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf. Let this rant signal a new beginning!


    “When the world turns its BACK on you, you turn your BACK on the world!”

    Timon to Simba(The Lion King)

    The title of this post is borrowed from Guru Das’s article along similar lines in ‘The Loyolite 2005’.