Accident 2.0 a.k.a. One great trip!

5th March 2008, 4 AM My biological clock woke me up, surprising me with its promptness. Earnest efforts to forgo the ‘bio-alarm’ and drift-back to sleep thwarted, I had no other option but to get back to the laptop. It was the big day. Sindhya Chechi (Senior at college, almost-real-life sis, confidante, best-friend) and I… Continue reading Accident 2.0 a.k.a. One great trip!

Optimistic Pessimism

It’s official. The bad times are here to stay. First, it was just the dismal numbers and rising prices. Now, entire jobs are being pruned to the tune of hundreds of thousands! In the beginning, one could adopt a leftist stance, exhorting those anti-liberalization outcries during the heydays of the pre-no-confidence motion UPA government which,… Continue reading Optimistic Pessimism

61 years of the F-word!

61 long years back, at the stroke of the midnight hour when the world slept, India awoke to life and Freedom. A new country; with 31 states, 1618 languages, 6400 castes and 6 main religions was ready to face the big bad world with all its (crippled) might. At the sight of all its immense… Continue reading 61 years of the F-word!