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Google India Comes Up With Music Service With Search

Finally, Google has also jumped into the music-bandwagon! Google India today launched Google Music India – a fully-blown music streaming service.

The Google Music home page with album listings.

The service, which was launched earlier today under ‘Google India Labs’, is available at and is accessible by users all across the world.

Google Music is pretty-impressive – especially the search part. Existing streaming services like Raaga and MusicIndiaOnline have appalling search – and that’s where Google‘s service scores. The search feature is quite comprehensive. You can search with the movie name, the lead actor’s name (e.g. a search for ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ lists songs from his movies), songs according to time period, and what not. You can even use complex queries to find out Guru Dutt track from your childhood that you’ve so badly wanted to catch up with, using some smart search queries.

Fresh from watching the movie, I badly wanted to listen to the songs. Lo and behold, Google comes to my rescue.

The service does not use a native ‘Google‘ player, neither does it host tracks in its server. The songs are sourced from ‘’, ‘Saregama’ and ‘’, says the Google India Blog. Users can choose the player of their choice, for some songs.. The audio quality is decent. ‘Saregama’ and ‘’ players do a good job, while the ‘Saavn’ player quite buggy. The streaming works well in a 2 Mbps+ connection, but the songs stutter in 256Kbps. Another drawback is that the service does not offer playlists.

Currently, Google Music has a comprehensive collection of Bollywood. Tamil, Malayalam, and other regional tracks are yet to make it.

The service is fully legal – since it offers just streaming and not downloading. It is a successor to Google‘s music search service in the US – which offered search and previews of tracks.

Google has also launched its new music service in China.

The extent of Google Music’s success is doubtful since India has a strong ‘downloading culture’. Users prefer downloading songs rather than listening to audio streams online – they would still opt for pirated tracks available for download.  Another major con would be the slow internet connections in the country – the service needs at least 256Kbps (or above) for smooth playback. Besides, a bulk of India’s internet users use internet plans with data-transfer caps – such users would give this service a miss, in all probability. Then again, Google will have to tackle many established players like and MusicIndiaOnline.

However, the service is a boon for all music addicts. Foraging for that long-lost-track, can now be done in just a click. Enjoy! 🙂

Computers Fun

Copyright ‘infringement’!

I switched on my pc today morning to switch off downloads and to look up something in Wikipedia so as to study for my series exams that start today. That was when I saw this e-mail, supposedly from the ‘United States Copyright Office’. I’ll quote it.

Dear  xxx,

We have received notification of copyright infringement(s) taking place on your site It has come to our attention that the website found at this domain name contains material being displayed without the consent of the owner/copyright holder.

This is a violation of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and our
Copyright and Trademark Dispute Policy. In accordance to this policy, we will have to initiate the move to get the site banned my all major search engines including Google until this matter can be resolved, or you submit a complete Counter
Notification as described in the Copyright section of the policy.  You have 10
days to send a complete Counter Notification in accordance with the policy.

We are not a court, nor are we dictating who, if anyone, has the rights to the
work(s) in question.  We are merely acting in accordance with the DMCA
requirements for Copyright Holders.  If there is a dispute as to the ownership
of the content, that should be addressed in a court of law.

A list of the specific portions of your site in question are listed below.  For
detailed questions, you will need to contact the Complainant at the address
listed below.

Description of the Infringement(s)




In order to resolve this situation and re-activate your site, you have 2

Option 1. Remove the content in question. In order to reactivate the site in
question we will need you to provide the following information in a single email response:

A. An electronic signature. (This can be a scanned copy of your physical
signature, or as simple as typing your full name.)
B. Identification of the material in question.
C. A statement, under penalty of perjury, that the material has either been
removed or will promptly be removed.

Option 2. Submit a complete Counter Notification on the works in question in
accordance with our Copyright Dispute policy. (See Above) You will need to
reply, via email and include all of the following

A.   An electronic signature of the Infringer. (This can be a scanned copy of
your physical signature, or as simple as typing your full name.)
B. Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access
has been disabled and the location at which the material appeared before it was removed or access to it was disabled.
C. A statement under penalty of perjury that the Infringer has a good faith
belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or
misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.
D. The Infringer’s name, address, and telephone number, and a statement that
the Infringer consents to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the
judicial district of Arizona, or if the
Infringer’s address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district
in which DMCA may be found, and that the Infringer will accept service of
process from the Complaining Party or an agent of such Party.

The term “The Infringer” is used for identification purposes only.  This is not
an indication of any alleged guilt or innocence.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.


Copyright Claims Department,
U.S. Copyright Office 101 Independence Ave. S.E. Washington, D.C. 20559-6000
(202) 707-3000

My First Reaction: What the F?! As far as I know, I haven’t written any copyrighted stuff in my blog. I always take pains to make sure that even the images I use have Creative Commons license. Why me?

But as I went through the mail, a smile popped up in my face.

Some brilliant guy from Thiruvananthapuram was trying to phish me up! 😛 And I’ve my reasons:

  1. This e-mail was sent through the contact form in my blog.No professional agency, (not even the Cyber cell of Kerala Police) would  do such a dumb thing! Besides, my email ids were mentioned clearly in the contact form. If they wanted to do some official communique, why not e-mail me directly?
  2. The email talks a lot about the ‘web forgery/infringement’ I did. There’s no mention of any specific pages whatsoever! If I’m being ‘indicted’ for forgery, I should be enlightened about the specific reasons right? 😉
  3. The email had a ‘From’ address of First of all, the US Copyright Department does not have a claims department as such! I did all my research!
  4. This email was clearly sent from Trivandrum. The guy’s IP was stamped on the e-mail I received. I did a basic check and found out that this dumba$$ hails from Trivandrum and uses one of the crappiest net connections in these parts (I refuse to name it for certain reasons). 😉 Besides, this guy got redirected to my blog from my orkut profile, it was mentioned clearly in the contact-form mail
  5. I had received another email from the same IP. The guy inventively gave my name in the contact form and mailed me: “You are targetted for termination”. Lol, too many Terminator fans here, eh? 😛

Anyways, Mr Copyright Department… If you’re reading this… I’ve been in the World Wide Web for over ten years now. I’ve seen, heard and done enough. Try someone too dumb for your lazy exploits, the next time! Nice effort with the wordings, btw. You’ll be a good copywriter, if you haven’t copy-pasted this material from some other place, of course!!