Google’s environment film project: Home

When the whole world’s concerned about Global Warming, climate change and other perturbing issues, how could Google stay behind? No, I’m not talking about the much-talked-about green initiatives powered by This time Google takes the power of mass media through YouTube and Google Maps to pull of this massive awareness initiative. Starting June 5, in cue with the World Environment Day, the ninety minute movie, ‘Home’ will be available to all YouTube users.

The movie, pioneered by Luc Besson and Yann-Arthus Betrand, tries to give a wholesome glimpse of the planet and depicts the very imperative need for change. In a massive online-cum-offline effort, the movie will also be telecast in movie theatres, television channels, et al, trying to create a synergistic and cascading effect in the promotion of a clean, green world.

To get a preview of what you can expect on June 5, check out some of the spectacular footage in the Home YouTube channel, to get some footage on the making of the movie. Trust me, it’s stunning! Google has now added a new feature to Google maps with more layers of images so that people can properly comprehend the movie.

Check out this stunning night view of Los Angeles from the Home channel:

For more details on the Home project, this post from the  Official Google Blog.


The movie Home has been released!! 🙂 Check this out: