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The Winds of Change

“The only thing constant about the world is change…”

Change is something that I’ve contemplated about all through my life. A phenomenon seemingly puny by its ubiquity, but mind-boggling by its sheer magnitude & profoundness; it’s been there from the ‘beginning’ and will sure go on, till what they call is the ‘end of eternity’. There are millions, nay zillions of changes occurring by nano-second. However trivial a change might seem to be, it somehow affects each and every organism encompassing the vortex of the planet in its own infinitesimally-insignificant way. (A blown-up version of this school-of-thought is the Butterfly Effect.)

These elevated philosophies remind me of the changes I’ve been going through. Have I changed? The question might seem rhetoric, but has a singular answer. A big fat YES. For good or for bad? This one’s far from being rhetoric, and has a more vociferous response: The sands of time have indeed moulded an innocent six-month old into something of a monstrous apparition, literally & otherwise. (Now… now… I can see that evil smirk on your face) and there’s enough reason to fuel my hypothesis that even the country’s best & costliest psychoanalyst would toe along my lines without much ado. See for yourself…

The Six months old cutey


A 19 year old geek!

And, will I be the same forever? Naah, I’ll keep changing! After all, Mr Obama speaks of “Change we all can believe in!

Yeah, you guessed it. I’m nuts!


  1. Miss Small Wonder

    hehe…is that you in the daiper???….hmmm…i dont think u have changed much…ahem!…now u rnt as evident a superman as in ur baby pics..isnt that the change???
    hehe…neways great to see “baby hari”.

  2. ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~

    Well it was gr8 to see u lik ths. I know u won’t believ bt ur very handsome for a guy. I knw u’d’ve heard it from someone a lot. 🙂 bt i believe ur changes hav been for th good. Th pic seems to be purposely distorted. Lik a mug shot. 🙂

  3. Hari

    Hehe… Thanks a lot, Abhi chetta! 😀
    Well, as you guessed, I purposely distorted it just for the ‘effect’! 😛

  4. Spartan

    da……to b frank…..i wud prefer u writin real lif stories rather than philpsophical thoughts….tat suites u better……parayunnathu philasafy aanelum kekunnorku manasilaavanande…….i felt somethin is not rt wid this post….dont kno exactly wat…..sukumar azhikodu mazha enthaanennu paranja pole undu………but i liked the pic…..anyways nice try……………………..

  5. Spartan

    one more thing…….”The sands of time have indeed moulded an innocent six year old into”….tats not a six year old in the foto……..rt…….and pholosophy and small donot match….make ur post a bit bigger nxt tim u r on filosophy……

  6. Hari

    @ Spartan:
    Didn’t you read the ‘label’? That post was supposed to be idle blogging! 😛 And, you thought that was philosophy… lol! Well, it does resemble one, though. 😀

    And, thanks for the expectations. Pakshe eppozhum katha ezhuthikkondirunnaal vayikkunnavarku bore adikkille? 😉 Kuzhappamilla. Ini manushayanu manassilaavunna ‘philaasasaphy’ ezhutham. Pore?

    And,about the mistake: It was a typo. I just edited it out! 😛


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