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Well, if you never knew, let this post be a revelation. Yeah, I’m a singer! I’ve been singing to my heart’s content since God knows when. With four years of training in Carnatic music and loads of prizes under my belt, I’d daresay, I’m passably good at it. 🙂 Wanna test my prowess in music? Just click the download link below and listen to my song. (If your browser starts playing it, right click the link and select the option “Save Link As”.)

The song’s ‘Tum Se Hi‘ from the Hindi movie Jab We Met.

Download! |MP3 Link (48 kbps) Filesize: 1.45 MB

Me performing at LA Fest 2005 (if the song wasn’t enough testimony 😀 )

The song struck a chord with me right when I heard it first in the movie’s promos. There’s a soulful aura all about it. Especially the lines: poignant and imploring! People usually get bored with a song after they hear it for say, five or six times. It was exactly the reverse in my case! I still get goosebumps when I hear the song! It’s virtually a favorite now.

A screenshot of my Winamp Media library: I’ve heard the song 212 times!

Hope I’ve not actually murdered it (aw, I’m not THAT bad a singer!). Do listen and comment.

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  1. from hari, @ hari

    hehe.. i dint listen to ur song , i cant do that with the sucky connection here.. hope its not just a bathroom- singer-got-lucky case 🙂

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    Also check out our website http://www.fossmeet.in/nitc and register as a delegate if you’re interested..

    Ill be blogging more about it too:)..

  2. Cdn’t hear the song from office or thru mob, Bt will hear it direct from u when i get home! For now its my fav too and i heard it 10-15 times just yesday night going thru the awesome train ride[:)]. Bought the DVD of Jab We Met! Video Piracy SUXX! [:D]- Esp when it comes from sum1 who’s got abt 1000 pirated movies [:D]

  3. @ Hari:
    Sucky connection @ NITC? 😮 Gawd…
    And yeah, it’s MOST CERTAINLY not that case. I’m trained. Period.
    I read your post. Thanks for the info! 🙂

    Heh. Sure, anytime! 🙂 So, how did it feel hearing it continuously, 10-15 times? Hope you focused on the meaning of the song too… 😀
    I too have a DivX version, but it ain’t good. No probs, I’ll rip your DVD when you get back to TVM!

  4. couldnt listen to song coz zshare sys-

    "Our server turned evil and is now rebelling against us (most likely)"


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