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All Vodafone ZooZoo ads

Have you been watching the latest Vodafone ads that have taken the country by storm? I’d say, these are the kind of  ads that represent an advertizing marvel of sorts, something that would make anybody switch over to Vodafone, despite their mundane, not-so-good schemes!

If you didn’t know these cute, white, odd-shaped characters are actually living breathing human beings! The ads were shot fully in South Africa at a minimal cost. Check out the making of Vodafone ZooZoo ads here in this video from CNN-IBN.

In fact, inventive ads like ZooZoo actually make you sit, see and think – so much to the fact that you’d switch over from your favourite reality show to watch it! (Trust me, I’ve done that!) Great work, guys!!



    ya.. totally agree with you.
    its a really innovative idea.
    and the sheer number of ads is another factor that adds to the popularity. you dont have to watch the same ads again and again. infact you wait for eagerly for a new one every day and you are never disappointed.

    cheers to the ad guys 🙂

  2. hari

    @ Amal:
    Yeah, awesome ads. Makes you feel happy everytime you see it. 😀

    Welcome to my blog. Honoured by your comment, and thank you! 🙂

  3. Abhi

    The series never fails to amaze me. The simple idea and non-verbal communications just blows you over. The Zoozoo’s are the best thing to come out of the IPL2.


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