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How I became Mr Dhwani (Well, almost!)

Statutory Warning: Looooooooooooooooong post! 😛 Read at your own risk! 😉 Dhwani 09 – the prestigious intercollegiate cultural festival by College of Engineering, Trivandrum, was held on April 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th at the college premises. Regarded by many as one among the best cultural festivals of the state, the festival falls in the… Continue reading

Infosys lets us down…

First, it was the Satyam ‘shocker’ (as a major news channel put it). Now Infosys too leads the way. Despite record profits and impressive Q3 results, Infosys has refused to hire workforce in the coming year. Now how does this affect me and people I know? In the previous year, Infosys was the biggest reruiter… Continue reading

B.Tech in CSE = Computer Engineer?

Came across this interesting link, courtesy techie and senior-at-Loyola, Vishnu Gopal‘s blog. It speaks of how Wikipedia can teach you perhaps as much stuff as a formal Computer Science degree can! If you weren’t feisty enough to click the link and find out why, the author has cited another link where another person counters his… Continue reading

An Emotional blackmail

Drunkards seem to be the pick of the week for me! I just keep running into them like hell, and they bug me to the point of near-insanity! After the rather bloviating encounter with this loquaciously-psychic ex-military guy at the train last Saturday, I had a skirmish with this inebriated trio of seniors at college… Continue reading

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