Hari Shanker R

Hari Shanker R

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

Daily Blunder | Lost in translation

I owe this ‘blunder’ to my friend Lokesh (name changed for reasons obvious). πŸ˜€ Lokesh is not exactly the best of my buddies, but we’re certainly more than casual acquaintances. He’s a fun dude, and his sense of humor is obscene (<– pun). Loku, as we know him, enjoys quizzing the way he relishes successive… Continue reading β†’

Daily Blunder | Confiscation!

This is a live-update post. You get the updates as they happen. The live update is over. πŸ™‚ The day itself started off on a sour note. Well, as a matter of fact, for the past couple of years, no day of mine has started off ‘sweet’, but generally speaking (i.e. in comparison with others),… Continue reading β†’

Daily Blunder | For want of ‘change’

First year of college. My Basic Civil Engineering exam was due that day, at noon. I was on my way to college with my trusted travel partner – KSRTC. (Don’t have many human ‘travel partners’ yet πŸ˜› ) I was already late and hence abandoned the usual policy of choosing nearly-empty buses only to cram… Continue reading β†’

Hello from a 9400 km train!

It’s been 13 days, and Tata Jagriti Yatra is only getting better by the day, or more euphemistically, by the hour. πŸ™‚ But no, it wasn’t all hunky dory. And, the yatra is not exactly a joyride. 350 of us wake up each day to the myriad challenges of yatra, with a mind-boggling challenge cropping… Continue reading β†’

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