The Accident: Part 1

If anything must go wrong, it will. So observed Edward A Murphy in his eponymous law. In my case, it all went way too wrong, almost to the point of changing my life altogether. The month of December this year was a tad too unlucky for me (the ill-effects of Lord Shani, said my knowledgable… Continue reading The Accident: Part 1

My First Date: Part 2

This post is a sequel to my previous post The First Date: Part 1. If you haven’t already read that, do read that for a better reading experience. Keep commenting! By the time I reached the temple, I realized that I couldn’t take my bag inside: where you’d have to do a la’ Gandhiji and… Continue reading My First Date: Part 2

The First Date: Part 1

Her eyes were ravishing by their own right. As she trained those shallow pools of hazel and white on mine accompanied by that trademark twitch of head and cocked up eyebrow, her wavy hair intermittently fell on her face. Those dimples accentuated her understated beauty as she revealed that divine smile to me, a mischievous… Continue reading The First Date: Part 1

A Survivor’s Story…

If you’re a news junkie, I bet you are so accustomed to seeing news reports about flash floods, tsunamis et al, that you discreetly say to yourself “There goes one again.” when you see one such report. You tend to accept these ravaging acts of nature with a good dose of complacency. So, when someone… Continue reading A Survivor’s Story…