The Angel

Her friends said she was intelligent. Shalini never trusted them. She always muttered to herself: “They’re all lying. I’m incapable!” In a way she was right. For, she never realized her talent. Her intellect was way beyond the scope of her classmates’ imagination. She was obsessed with Mathematics. She loved anything and everything with numbers.… Continue reading The Angel

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LINKed In!

The other day I was busy explaining a rather complex C program to a few (female) classmates during lunch break at college, when I was called by seniors. Sindhya Kartha, the IEEE Chairperson of our college, in her trademark husky-voice, informed me that I was ‘selected’(or rather, unanimously-nominated! :D) the LINK representative of IEEE from… Continue reading LINKed In!

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Life in a… Hospital

A hospital is an institution for health care, often but not always providing for longer-term patient stays. The latter part of a hospital’s definition (which I lifted from Wikipedia, ostensibly) looks somewhat absurd, at least in my point of view. 75% of the patients in any hospital would have stayed locked up in those staidly-coloured… Continue reading Life in a… Hospital

Six Point Someone (Three Backpapers Attached)

[All names, characters and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. Identification with actual persons, places and products is neither intended nor should be inferred. If you tend to do so, chances are that your inference could be purely coincidental. However, if your sense-of-identification is a notch too strong and you start accusing this author… Continue reading Six Point Someone (Three Backpapers Attached)