Cyber Crime

Rafeeq was the quintessential happy-go-lucky kid. Born to lower-middle-class parents as the youngest among six siblings in the bustling town of Kozhikkode, Kerala, he was the loved by everybody. Well, the happy-go-lucky tag lasted only until his dad died in a nasty motor accident, that is. The family which depended on the devout father’s meager… Continue reading Cyber Crime

De-Tour | The exodus

DISCLAIMER: This post, to put it mildly, is GIGANTIC!! This author will not be responsible for any potential body disorders that might arise by reading this one. If you’re short of time, just take a quick glance. That should do. 😉 (Continued from the previous post) Bustling with unbounded alacrity, we set off on the… Continue reading De-Tour | The exodus

De-Tour | Genesis

The news struck as like bolt from the blue. We were enraged like hell! Even the most restrained guys among us couldn’t help but mouth a couple of choicest abuses at our then-Head of Department over his downright regressive decision: He vehemently rejected our class-tour proposal! The reason? Mr-Punctilious simply does NOT encourage tours! Legend… Continue reading De-Tour | Genesis


Finally, a new member enters our household! She moves, she entertains, she laughs, whines and what-not! Such a cute li’l baby she is! Now that was an understatement; a gross one, so to speak. Naah, my mom didn’t give birth to a sis. (Sigh!! But she’s past menopause and dad isn’t too ..erm.. interested. But… Continue reading In-di-go!

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