Bloggers meet Shashi Tharoor

Some of us Trivandrum bloggers met Shashi Tharoor yesterday (Tuesday, 31st March) at his residence in Pipinmoodu, Thiruvananthapuram. The meeting was organized by Kenney and had over ten of us, namely Akhil, Sanil, Chandrettan, Zaheer and others attending. The extremely busy M.P. candidate from the city spared a few moments for us and answered a couple of questions from us. Meeting the man was a great experience by its own right, and we once again avowed our votes for him.

Image Courtesy: Akhil

For more pics of the meet, check out this wonderful post by Akhil

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  1. woo hooo man.. u actually got to meet him.. hmm if hes a man who has time for speaking with the public then he truly is an MP canditate with a difference.. I read through your previous post..

    I am not following Kerala politics too keenly (for obvious reasons – u get tired of it), neither will I be present to vote at this times election.. but even then your post was very convincing.. He definitely seems like the better of the MP canditates.. it wouldnt hurt to try voting him in once.. I think you got Mr. Tharoor another few votes 🙂

    Sorry I’ve been really busy lately and not able to comment or read at all..

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