The Politics Of Confusion

Almost every person who has known me for a while would know that I am a person with no political affiliations whatsoever. Yes, so if you ask me about the political outfit I stand for – I really do not have an answer for your question. The reason being simple – I am politically confused.… Continue reading The Politics Of Confusion

Racism: Some hard facts

If you haven’t been following the news, there’s been  back-to-back (supposedly racist) attacks on at least six Asians (Indians)  in Australia. One person (a 25 year old student named Shravan Kumar) suffered serious (almost fatal) injuries and is still in critical condition. The media has had its field day, voicing venomous rhetoric on the spate… Continue reading Racism: Some hard facts

Vote for India!

Within three days,  seventy hundred and fifteen million Indians would exercise their electoral franchise in the world’s biggest democratic exercise. Indeed, a proud moment for all of us Indians. The power of democracy showcased in its sublimest way. Yet, there are many amongst us, people who call themselves ‘skeptics’. People who’ve decided not to vote… Continue reading Vote for India!

Bloggers meet Shashi Tharoor

Some of us Trivandrum bloggers met Shashi Tharoor yesterday (Tuesday, 31st March) at his residence in Pipinmoodu, Thiruvananthapuram. The meeting was organized by Kenney and had over ten of us, namely Akhil, Sanil, Chandrettan, Zaheer and others attending. The extremely busy M.P. candidate from the city spared a few moments for us and answered a… Continue reading Bloggers meet Shashi Tharoor