New York Nagaram!

After a short hiatus, I’m back in style! B-)

Yup, as the title inexorably points out this post’s an audio post – a song!

Song: New York Nagaram

Singer: Me! (duh!)

Original Artist: A.R. Rahman (God Himself! :D)

Movie/Album: Silnu Oru Kadhal

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A few last words:

New York Nagaram is one of my favourite tracks! The reason being it’s super-awesome video and the fantabulous b/g score. 😀 I’d sung it at Aagneya ’09 to a lukewarm response. I wouldn’t call this rendition good – it’s actually below average, but yeah, it’s 3 AM and I have a bad cold from a succession of icecreams yesterday noon. 🙂 That didn’t deter me from singing my favourite song because, it’s a DEDICATION.

Yes, I dedicate it to a very special person. 🙂

Today’s the first anniversary of our friendship, and I’m going through a terrible feeling of loss – I’m missing her! Truly. deeply. Badly. Like Soorya in the movie, I actually thought of composing a song for this occasion, but yeah, it would be a tad too far-fetched. Wouldn’t it? 😉 Positive, considering my demanding final year engineering curriculum!

So dear, if you’re reading/listening to this, I miss you! >:D<

By hari

A twenty-something support engineer, web developer, blogger and journalist who makes the web a better place for a living, at Automattic. Immensely passionate about WordPress! Also loves books, music, movies, and drinking hot cups of coffee on rainy evenings. Dreams of writing a book, someday.


  1. Who are you missing? 😀 First anniversary of friendship? You maintain all the dates like that guy in DCH (saif's rival)? 😛

    Final year engineering is demanding? How come? Its the best time when we have all the time we could ask for and yet waste it like all the years before 😀

  2. @ Quest:

    Can't divulge who I'm missing! 😛 And I'm certainly NOT like that loser guy in DCH!! 😐 However, both of us will never forget the date – it's so special, I guess. 😀

    As for the 'demanding' part, yes. But for me, it's getting tough. 😛 I started studying 'properly' only in this sem… hehe! 😀

  3. a marketeer frnd once said

    "unoriginals/clones are good, it makes ppl realise the worth of originals"

    it made real sense..for i immediately winamped ARRs version…:) matchless renderingg!!!

    that said..u rnt bad either!!! work on ur "sangathikal" an u will do goodd..:)

    all the best 4 ur underlyin intent!!

  4. Hari, it wasn't such a kaala-raagam as I expected. In fact the humming was quite nice, especially in the beginning. Was the voice yours or was it present in the karaoke? 😉

    Hope ur sweet friend hears this…

  5. where do you get the karoake's from?? And which s/w to record??

    ini comments… :

    nannayi paadi ketto..

    pakshe pallavi thanne sruthi poyi… pinne pala sthalathum sruthi prashnam thonni…

    odaanulla tendency undu..

    high pitch notes correct ethunnilla..

    sangathikal kozhapamillathe varunnundu.. pakshe sruthi nalla vannam sradhikkuka…

    voice control cheyunnundu ennu manasilayi.. chila sthalangal heavy sound and some places nalla light aavunnundu..

    idakku oru velli veenu alle… saramilla..

    marks 21/30


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